Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lublin Explored!

Today the largest crowd of students appeared in my 13-18 year old class! 
T'was absolutely flabbergasted at the fact that there were so many! As normally it would be half the number or two-thirds of that. However, it was a pleasant surprise! The teens had to read and choose their favourite Guinness World Record while telling me one of their personal "records" that came about. 

This included
  1. longest time spent on a phone call / computer / messenger chat
  2. longest time cycling
  3. longest time staying awake
  4. saving an animal
  5. football feats
The younger kids today instead learnt DIRECTIONS! Got them to be blindfolded in the field while being guided by their friends (in English) to certain objects I wanted. T'was fun seeing the restless kids running all over the place tiring them out (Success in keeping hyper kids happy!)

The attractive Filip (photo), Oliwier, Kasia and I headed to Lublin for the day out. 
The experience of sitting in between two child-safety seats was definitely an interesting one.

First stop - the John the Baptist Cathedral in Lublin!

A replica of the Shroud of Turin was framed up at the entrance.
This is believed to be the burial shroud that wrapped Jesus Christ after his execution.

A frame was hung there to provide an interpretation of the markings on the cloth to imagine the position of Jesus' body on the cloth. More photographs of the interior of the cathedral are shown below.

What was intriguing was the whispering acoustic chapel within the cathedral whereby two people could stand at opposite ends of the room, whisper and hear one another due to the acoustics!

Stop 2 - The Trinity Tower ! 
Kinda felt slightly amused at the fact that it shares the same name as my college - Trinity!
Had a little teehee moment within myself.
The steps up the tower just kept going..and going...and going.. in twirls
It kinda plays a game with you.
The second you think you've reached the top and you see light from a far


Then more steps await you.

When we got to the top the view was spectacular and the wind was astronomical.
It felt like Ireland all over again, however, the wind didn't pierce through my bones like an ice dagger which was a great plus. It was a warm day with the temperature in the high twenties and a cooling wind was very welcome. Although, Marilyn Monroe moments were rather often

Kasia with Filip and Oliwier !
Le Host Family.

All three of us touched the "Bad Luck Stone" here in Lublin which is believed to serve the purpose of its name. Rumour is that it used to be a former headman's stone so I suppose calling it the "bad luck stone" might be rather appropriate.

Very touristy shot over here with a stationary car with faux head lamps that shine absolutely concrete white lights.

The boys had their moment with Mr. Mime (cue Pokemon Mr. Mime voice)

Filip jumping on the remains of an old church which was discovered relatively recently
It is now regarded as "Po Farze Square".
Previously it was known as the church of St. Michael, whereas now it is a common hang out spot for tourists and people in the town.

Within the old town in Lublin

modified, modern and medieval

Lublin Castle
Once a castle, then a prison, now a museum

The castle had the legendary Devil's Hand imprinted unto a wooden table.
According to the legend, it used to be a table used by judges in medieval times. A poor woman received an unfair judgement by the judges due to her socio-economic status (as the case involved another richer person). The poor woman was trying to get the assets left by her dead husband but couldn't attain it due to the judgement and cried 

"Even the devil would make a more just decision"

Then that night three devils appeared and one smacked his hand on the table out of anger

That's the version of the legend told to me by my host mum as everything was in Polish and I had no English explanation!

The well at Lublin Castle

We met up with Tomek later for some shopping at the mall where...

I got some hair dye
The parents got a new sound system
The kids got some Lego
We all got some food!

Delicious garlic naan with some spicy chicken madras!

Enjoying some delicious mango lassi which I have terribly missed
T'was deliciously creamy and full of mangoey goodness!

Thank you for taking me on an amazing trip today.
Had greaaaat fun.

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