Saturday, 5 July 2014

Meet the Suchanscys' in Niedrzwica Duza



So in the past week I've lived in the house of both Kasia and Tomek in Niedrzwica Duza. It's been a dream come true place. It's absolutely ginormous and has a modern twist to it. Everything is so sleek and my bedroom isn't even connected to the main part of the house! I have to access it through a different door which is rather exhillarating ( like a not-so-secret lair or something ). A comfy bed with le comfy duvet awaits me at night while a fridge that is always stocked to the brim awaits me in the morning. Not to forget the fancy LED lights and sound system in the bathroom! (Every bath is an adventure...)

I learnt the fact that Polish surnames change in dependence of the person's gender! So the surname of my family is Suchanscy but when allocated to each person it changes! For example, my host dad's name is Tomasz Suchanski while my host mum is Katarzyna Suchanska!

Also, they have two bubbly and hyper children - Oliwier (left) and Filip (right). I was welcomed by them by delightful kicks and punches and football in their trampoline. Unfortunately, Filip went to a swimming camp after I arrived and therefore I've not been able to spend time with him but he'll be back on Monday!

Being in Poland has not only introduced me to Polish culture, but I've brought a little bit of my Malaysian essence to the table. I made sambal udang (chilli paste prawns) and oyster sauce cabbage for them and they even ate it with their hands!

Also brought some Irish luck into the house with some nomalicious banoffee pie 
(banana+toffee+cream on a biscuit base)

Kasia also baked a pleĊ›niak - a delicious raspberry crumble with meringue on top. 

Not to forget the Dulux dog - Carmen who is bounding around the house like a happy child

Met their neighbours - Dominik and Lena :) Dominik also happens to be one of my students in the English class while Lena is just adorable to be around.

As my host parents are both English teachers (renowned creative ones too), I met one of their star pupils - Izabela who's my age! They taught her when she was a youngin and she indeed had great English, had a great time chatting with her and seeing her jigsaw puzzle all over her room floor.

Polish culture also includes quite a bit of drink and I've begun tasting a variety of little bits and bobs. My favourite, however, has been the chocolate liqueur! It's chocolate. How can I not like it? Mm delish! Not to forget the sweet red wine - Kagor (Dionis Club) which was really tasty

Also, I was introduced to the "Mad Dog" which is essentially raspberry syrup, vodka and drops of tabasco sauce in a shot. Had a pretty interesting night with my host family and Kali (the other volunteer who teaches in the same school as I)

Meet Kali from Minnesota! An amazing person who's lovely to chat with and I love the fact that we are teaching in the same school so I get to see her 5 times a week! Bazinga! I think we are the only two volunteers in Poland under Learning Enterprises that are teaching in the same school :)!

My host parents have been feeding me well! Not to forget that they get an A for their food presentation.
Featuring an assortment of cold meats and delicious cheese I could nibble on all day.

Fresh tomatoes, basil and mozarella cheese with black pepper!

So here's the first introduction of my host family!
Stay tuned for more adventures in Poland :)

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