Thursday, 24 July 2014

My final day in Niedrzwica Duza.

The last day of my volunteering unevitably arrived. Kali and I made a project board which states

and got the students to contribute their ideas on what they wanted to do before they kicked the bucket.

Here are some of the ideas from my youngest group.
My personal favourite is 

"become a cat"

The one in blue states that he wants to 
"get the limited edition Messi and Naymar football card"

At the end of the class, all the girls gave me a group hug and I was on the verge of tears.

My next class of students who are around 9 years old then arrived.

The cutest smallest girl in my class wanted to
"Listen to Metallica live"

Strange ones like

"kill Justin Bieber"
"Go to the toilet"
"kill David Beckham"

showed up. I didn't understand one bit.

Some more expected ones appeared too :)  

My group of teenagers arrived with tons of presents for me in different bags filled with chocolates, paluszki (pretzels), cards, a personalised mug and this huge yellow poster filled with their messages signed within their own hand outline. T'was an emotional time with them especially. Hugs to each one were given!

They clearly want to visit me in Ireland now :)

And some want to meet unicorns and dragons..interesting.

They then asked me to leave them a message on the board which I did.

Then I bid farewell to my darling Kali, who accompanied me throughout my entire adventure here.
It was difficult saying goodbye to her especially as I can no longer hear random things from her lovely American voice.

L.E! Learning Enterprises!

And that is the end of my journey here as a volunteer English teacher under Learning Enterprises.
Today my train leaves in 3 hours towards Krakow and then towards Budapest with Athiei for our interrailling trip.

My family will drop me off together with the lovely gifts they've given me which consist of postcards, a huge XXL Polish t-shirt and a lovely blue handmade necklace.

My Polish adventure
has come to an end.
All in all, it's bittersweet.

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