Saturday, 5 July 2014

Outside the classroom in Poland

As classes take up 3 hours of teaching and possibly 2 hours of planning, most of my time is spent with my host family. This includes playing with Oliwier (aw-lee-vier)! 

We also went to the Felicity Mall in Lublin which is a rather large mall and unfortunately I didn't take any photographs of it...but the Internet is always useful! 
Had some ice cream there! Which had an interesting egg liqueur flavour (zabaione) 

We went to the swimming pool in Lublin together with Kali! T'was a lovely time there with the warm jacuzzi, swirly slide and more.

Presenting one of the best restaurants within the vicinity of Lublin and even outside Lublin - Karczna Bida (karch-na bi-da)

All the waitresses were required to wear the traditional outfit and the interior design of the entire eatery was old school! Loved every bit of it - lots of wood. So since we went there to eat, be prepared for the numerous food photographs which arecoming up soon.

Tequila sunrise

Fried sour cabbage

Fried beetroot

Placki (plats-ki) (potato pancakes) with sour cream

Chicken chop with garlic sauce and fried potatoes

Pork neck with baked potatoes and cheese

Pork ribs with boiled dumplings

The food was absolutely divine and my host family are certainly spoiling me silly with lots of fun and...FOOD

They also brought me to a giant lake called Jezioro Białe (jeh-zio-ro bia-we) which means White Lake in translation

We rented a pedal boat and I got me my life jacket for safety reasons
(can't swim)

We met Filip there who has been there for the past few days at his swimming camp as he's phenomenal at it.

My host dad, Tomek decided to give this a try and it was ridiculously awesome!
Flying by water jets. Crazy stuff.

Whereas my host mum, Kasia and I proceeded onto this! It was amazing!!!!
Screamed for the entire thing and held on to dear life.
The fresh lake water splashing in my face made it so refreshing
Not to forget the adrenaline rush at the fact that if I let go, I'd fly off into the middle of nowhere and I can't really swim. But obviously, the life jacket was twasn't really a problem.

We also went on the banana boat as a family! :D

My host family!
Tomek, Kasia, Filip, Oliwier


With Filip and Oliwier!

Coffee milkshake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce


Sex on the beach ICE CREAM?

Waffle (gofry) with whipped cream, raspberries and chocolate sprinkles

Waffle (gofry) with whipped cream, raspberries and smarties!

Had such an amazing day with the family and definitely feel so pooped out but so grateful at the same time.
My host family has definitely done so much and it's been an amazing adventure so far.


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