Sunday, 13 July 2014

Reunion with the volunteers in Krakow.

Returned to Krakow to reunite with the other volunteers from around Poland!
Kali and I took the train together with her host sister, Ewa and her boyfriend Michal. As we walked around Krakow for the second time, we came across this amazing "before I die" board!
Kali and I added our wishes to the list as well.

Also on an unrelated note, I have dyed my hair slightly red as you might be able to see! :)
Courtesy of my host mum, Kasia, who helped to apply the dye.

It was absolutely great getting to see everyone again. Alot of laughter, screaming and noise were made.
Every single time a member of the team appeared, the whole group of us would scream by the window just to reassure that they had found the right hostel.

Again the trip was filled with alot of drink and food and specifically Krakow Kelly, who becomes a totally psychotic person once the drink went a little over the top.

Ilona was there with her crutches being all cheerful! She had two parts of her foot broken due to the last mishap in the first orientation week.

Eric just chilling on the window which he climbed up on to say hello to Dylan who was writing by the windows.

Ilona bought all of us pizza to celebrate with one another after our tiring, exhausting and EXHILARATING scavenger hunt around the town where we had a list of quests to complete such as taking photos with certain iconic monuments, buying certain items and also getting strangers to do us favours.

Then we had an award ceremony with individual awards to each volunteer
Cesar - tightest sweater
He indeed had a number of ultra tight sweaters.

Eileen, Jack-in-the-box, the person who just appeared out of nowhere all the time.

Eric, the best DAYUMMMMMMM volunteer.
He had the habit of saying DAYUMMMMMM alot which definitely added to our beautiful memories.

Lindsay, the heart, soul and vodka of the group, our cool mum.

Kelly, most likely to get locked up abroad

Athiei, the instant man, left a boy came back a man,
He had a clean shaven face during orientation week but returned with a beard during the midpoint break.

I won the best laugh as I supposedly can be heard from miles away.
Probably a lot of truth to it too.

Danny, most likely to die at a pizza party due to his tomato allergy.

Sam, the best resting bitch face, as you can see.

Sarah, the person who always went with the flow in a cool way.

Laura and her beautiful smile.

Jennie Wong with the best American accent

Ilona with the best shoe (note that it is singular as her other foot is in a cast)

Jenn, the quiet surprise, the person who seemed quiet at first but proved us all wrong when we partied.

Best Bromance between Cesar and Sam

Kali, most likely to die of pica, as she consumed lotion and hamster food on this trip by accident.

Kaleigh, most likely to have the best hike ever next week with her mystery man.

Ilona, with her best walk due to her beautiful crutches.

Rob, who had the worst interview with Ilona but yet proved to be one of the best volunteers!

Camille, buddy the elf, always bubbly and ready with a burst of optimism.

Dylan, the cheerleader, always sassy.

Rob, who is most likely to be on Hangover LE Poland, due to him being missing till 4AM in the morning on one of the orientation nights.

Cesar, most likely to sleep in the town square due to his lack of sense of direction.

Kelly, the elephant in the glass shop

Jennie, the Asian version of Elle Woods

Dylan and Daniel, the couple who should have been.

Claudia, the Polish saviour, who would come in and save the day when Ilona was missing.

The award ceremony ended with a beautiful sunset in the sky.

We headed for our last night out.

And it being a small world, I made friends with the bartender, Mark, in our old hostel who happened to be Irish, from Dublin, from my own university, and we even share some mutual friends in college. Truly a small world.

It was a moment of memories
A moment of friendship
A moment of laughter
A moment of new experiences
A moment of togetherness
A moment of bliss
A moment that forever will be my treasured memory.

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