Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Day at Kazimierz Dolny!

Presenting Mikołaj, Stanisław, Marzena and Wiktoria!
In the background we have the Wisła (vee-swa) River which is the longest and largest one in Poland!

Le happy family with the boats in the background that were simultaneously restaurants.
However, the bridges connecting the boat to the shore were rather attrocious. 
The only one that was really able to be used was skimming the water surface and your shoes got wet at one point of the river. Well, at least it gave a sudden shot of adrenaline!

Micky and Marzena messing around at one of the local stores which sold metal-looking plastic helmets and swords.

Interestingly in conjunction with the medieval merchandise, there was a museum of torture nearby which exhibited the various instruments that were used in the past to torture people. The descriptions of each instrument were rather graphic in their explanations and having an imagination didn't help at all.

Beautiful hand crafted flowers that were for sale there.
Sold in a variety of colours, sizes and designs.

They brought me to Kazimierz Dolny which is named after the famous King, Kazimierz, which is depicted in the nutcracker-like monument in the photograph above in the Market Square. Kazimierz Dolny is one of Poland's official historic monuments.

Part of the castle ruins in Kazimierz Dolny

Wicky (vicky)

The castle tower which we had to climb up a countless number of steps which left us all in sweaty clothes and loud pants. However, the view was definitely worth it.

With Micky and Wicky

The view from the castle tower

Góra Trzech Krzyży - The three crosses that were on top of the hill. These crosses are there as a memorial of when a plague hit the town.
It was absolutely magnificent and the view was terrific too.

The rooster is a symbol of this town and you're able to find various merchandise sold with the rooster on them. Even a huge bread-like rooster in the town!

The children were longing for lody (ice cream) so we got some yummy scoops of ice cream! The weather was warm and after all our walking it was a well deserved treat for us all!
Flavours ranged from apple-strawberry to pistachio to balloons? 
There was actually a flavour called balloons.

Remember I said that the rooster was symbolic of the town?
You can even purchase your own rooster-shaped bread from the local bakery and the bread is so fluffy and delicious. It reminded me so much of the bread available in Malaysia from the local shops selling sausage buns. Oh so good.

The opposite view of the three crosses.

That was the last thing i saw as I left Kazimierz Dolny and a beautiful one it was too.
Extremely grateful that I'm able to witness all of these things thanks to my host family!
Ended the day with visiting one of their family friends, munching on some boiled sausages while getting totally destroyed by Micky in a game of Bullshit.

T'was a great day.
Also, I can relatively tell the time in Polish now.
I'm proud of myself.
Yes I am.

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