Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Trip to the Museum & Photo Studio!

I shall begin this post with a lovely photo combination that just sums up my friendship with Kali for the past month. Beautifully captured by my host dad :)

After school today, my family brought me to the Muzeum Wsi Lubelskiej which is an open air museum in Lublin which features village life! So there were tons of hay, grace, stoney pavements and so on.

With my host parents, and Wicky's toy which she received 5 years ago from them as a birthday present. 

Straw roofs of the houses within the museum.

Fluffy ducklings!

A beautiful house within the museum

Complete with beautiful and rather large flowers.

As both my parents are florists, they utterly enjoyed it, especially my Mamo.

How the ended was perfect as we had a PHOTOSHOOT!
As much as I like to be behind the camera, I also enjoy standing in the opposite's shoes.
My host mother's brother owns a professional studio as he works as a product photographer for Allegro (a Polish version of Ebay). It was amazing as I got so many photographs on my own and with the family as well and it was such an enjoyable experience. Can't wait to get the finalised photos when he is done with them! Woopee! The photo above is with the photographer's daughter, Maya by the way :)

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