Sunday, 20 July 2014

Trip to Zamość

Both my host parents headed off for a Polish wedding which traditionally ends around..4 in the morning.
So to ensure that boredom would not come upon moi, they arranged for me to be occupied by food and a new friend!

First were these mini donuts which were lovely and soft on the inside and lightly coated with icing sugar.

Second, was their niece, Dominika, who is 17 and speaks great English. T'was lovely that I got to converse usually and my jokes were once again funny. It's difficult to communicate my points across over to most here so my jokes automatically become duds.

We realised we had so much in common - like our humour, love for anime and a hint of Korean in there. She taught me to say that line written above which means that there's "And here my train goes" which is a sarcastic retaliation to one's comment. For example

A: Man, I look so fat in comparison to you
B: Mhmm..Right...and here my train goes (while pulling one of your eyes down)

It was much funnier in real life okay.
We were in stitches.

Dado made us some good ol' home made pizza which was utterly delicious
Cheese, tomatoes, bits of fried and spiced ham, tomato sauce with garlic sauce on the side to dip.

After my first visit to the local church this morning, we headed to Zamość which was located around 1 hour and 30 minutes away.

Kali and her host family came along as well which was absolutely awesome.

There was the local old market in the square!
That's when both Kali and I went dayummmm when our eyes spotted a stall just overflowing with bread of all sorts.

Market Square in Zamość!

Jan Zamoyski, the previous head of the town, centuries ago.

Just chilling on the drawbridge

And walking over beautiful lawns and bridges.

Kali MacIver, the one from Minnesota.

Both our families!

Lovely lovers' locks locked along the bridge.

And casually chilling on cannons.

It ain't bread.
Do not be fooled.

There was also a global dance competition there complete with Polish traditional dance and even dances from Ghana! Meanwhile, Kali, Natalia, Wiktoria and I were dancing like maniacs on the streets to their music.

Completed our day with a taste of a Polish hotdog from a petrol station.
Can't miss this.
It's fantabulous.

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