Saturday, 5 July 2014

Volunteering in Niedrzwica Duza

Since last Tuesday, I have been teaching at the primary school in Niedrzwica Duza. 
It's called Szkoła Podstawowa Niedrzwicy Dużej.
In total I have three classes to teach which begins at 10AM and ends at 1PM.

  • Group A ranges from 5-9 years old
  • Group B are around 10 years old
  • Group C are from 13-18 years old

Along with me is Kali MacIver who is from Minnesota!
She too is teaching in the same school and I get to meet her every school day. She teaches three other separate classes but we get to steal each other's ideas here and there. Along with the idea stealing, we have a Facebook group with the other Learning Enterprises volunteers in Poland and it really helps as we share the different lesson plans we've made out for the various age groups.

Felt a little like a superstar when we were invited to speak to a group of students from Ukraine. We had to have a 10 minute introduction about ourselves and our culture. We also gave room for some Q and A at the end and we got really interesting questions

  1. Do you prefer Messi or Ronaldo?
  2. Kali, do you have a boyfriend?
Something along those lines you know? :)

Classes have been a delightful challenge each day. Teaching myself random Polish words in order to function better in the class has been fun. Getting to know the various personalities of my students in class have been cool too. All in all, a lot of movement. dancing and music in class in order to make things fun.

These are my teenage students. I'm only putting up photographs of the older ones as I don't want to deal with the possible consent problems of the younger students. If you pay close attentionto a certain box that is on the table, this is what you'll see.

A hamster! I told my students to bring something into class and talk about it (show and tell).
Radek brought in Oreo, his hamster, which is ironically not black and white. But it was adorable, cuddly and fat. Also, I had a proud teacher moment that my student brought in his hamster.

Proud teacher moment number 2 : One of my quiet young students, Zuzie, stepped into class and handed me a flower before class began. My heart melted in an instant as I was rather worried that she didn't actually enjoy the classes because of her timidity. But I thought wrong! :)

Got the older ones to have a little role playing here and there about shopping in a market.
Blindfolded them at the beginning of class and fed them random bits of food and got them to describe what they were eating. Was pretty entertaining watching them freak out. However, Justyna, one of my older students got me to be blindfolded and gave me something to eat as well. Although it was a very delicious chocolate. So no complaints there.

The art piece created by the older ones when I asked them to draw and label body parts with some adjectives for each one.

As I get to see Kali all the time, I spent one of my days with her host family!
Ewa Pietraś (her host sister), and her boyfriend, Michal.

 First of all I was treated to a delicious meal at their house prepared by their parents.
Placki (potato pancakes) with chopped sausages, mushrooms and pickles!

As Michal's parents own a bar, we could take back some desserts and there was a tray of sinful goodness in the middle of the dinner table.

We even got free traditional Polish scarves called chustka from Kali's host mother, Ala! Absolutely beautiful!

We then took a drive together to the huge park in Nałęczów. It was absolutely serene and beautiful!
Perfect for relaxation as it was fully equipped with cafes, restaurants, a spa and even a bowling alley WITHIN the park! I must say that there were a large percentage of older people there! Here are some photographs from the park!

Kali and I

We ended the day with a trip to the Chocolate Cafe and I got a super indulgent hot chocolate with raspberry jam and raspberry liqueur at the bottom. Crazy stuff. Felt like chocolate ran through my veins soon after.

Loving every part of this Polish adventure!!

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