Friday, 8 August 2014

Frolicking through Frankfurt

After our spontaneous trip to Köln, we were welcomed by Jan at Frankfurt's Main Station. 
He was once again, another fellow couchsurfer! He brought us over to his place which was really just a walk away from the station which was great!

He then brought us to walk around the nearby sites, such as the European Central Bank building.

The Chinese Tower!

Fountain by the Opera House.

Athiei and I by the stunning Opera House in Frankfurt!

Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the famous writer, who is from Frankfurt.

The symbols of the stock exchange market in Frankfurt, the bull and the bear!

The amazing view over Frankfurt with the background of a warm sunset.

The longest escalator in a European shopping mall!! 
IT was very long I must say.
I know the photograph doesn't do it justice due to vertical illusions.
It was in the MyZeil shopping mall standing tall at 46m! 
Bear in mind that it takes you immediately to the top floor!

We discovered a local festival that was happening in town.
The atmosphere was amazing. It just felt like a chilled party. 
We didn't even buy anything there but the atmosphere itself made it seem so happy!

Rides at the festival!

The Holbenstein Bridge!

We decided to feed our rumbling tummies and we took in some Asian food instead!
We had been gobbling down loads of Western food within the past few weeks so we decided to experiment with some delicious Vietnamese food. The shop owners were from Saigon and the pho that they served was absolutely delicious.

Also bought us some Dunkin Donuts from Köln earlier in the day and we experimented with various flavours with neon coloured ice cream (extremely healthy of course).

Favourites are still the Boston Creme - Chocolate covered custard-filled doughnut.

Thank you Jan for being such an amazing host who welcomed us both with such hospitality.
The final couch surfer we surfed at on this interrailling trip and it was great to end it with you.
I must say that couch surfing has been an amazing experience.
It felt dodgy and unsure for the first part but I really do recommend it to others to try out.
If you're weary about safety and more, travel with a friend and obviously be wise on who you ask.
But overall, I must say that my trips felt all the more special because of the great hosts.

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