Sunday, 17 August 2014

LE stories & Guardians of the Galaxy

Morgan returned from his adventure in Romania/Croatia/Budapest! He too went to volunteer with Learning Enterprises just like Athiei and I did in Poland. Caught up with our own stories from the classrooms over some burgers, fries and the new delicious peach and passion fruit smoothie.

Went to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy for free! (yay for Morgan's friend!)
T'was a good movie that left us in stitches. Had to contain myself from laughing too loud.

Been spending some time with this one before he flies off to Dubai this evening for the next 10 days!
Lucky person gets to go there for a holiday with his family while..I can sleep in my bed.
(not too bad an offer actually)

I can't believe that college will begin in less than a month! How did three months just fly away so quickly?
It's a bittersweet feeling knowing that college is only a short while away.
I'm excited to meet all my classmates again, take on new challenges in my second year.
But I'm not looking forward to the amount of effort that has to be pumped into my studies.
To be honest, how much does one remember after stuffing your head full of information prior to the finals?

I hardly remember half the things I studied 3 months ago.
Now I'm just craving for a week of laziness to make sure I can go all out once the new semester pulls in.
A break is always needed!

And a perfect break it is when my mum just bought me some tau fu fah from the Chinese store.
Nothing like palm sugar with tofu pudding!
Extremely delicious :)

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