Friday, 8 August 2014

Spontaneity in Cologne (Köln)

We were waiting for our train from Munich to Frankfurt when I decided to head to the information desk to ensure we could hop on without reservation. Suddenly my eyes caught onto the sign of a train leaving to Cologne (Köln). It was leaving in 5 minutes and I knew Athiei would love to go there. I quickly ran to him and asked if he would like to go. Immediately, we sprinted to the train, got on board, found a seat and we were off to Köln!

The reason why Athiei wanted to go there was because of the huge music store that Köln had. 
It's the biggest one in Europe with five floors worth of music merchandise! 
He usually does his online shopping from this very shop so it was one of his dreams to visit it in person.

There were several gigantic guitars on display outside and within the store itself.
Thankfully it was allowed to take photographs within the store!

The first floor consisted of acoustic guitars, pianos, keyboards, music books and little accessories.
All the instruments were open for people to play with the exception of some which required an assistant's help. Sadly there were not any grand pianos as most of the pianos there were electronic ones.

Behold, the giant pedal. 
The second floor was filled with all sorts of electric guitars and amplifiers. 

Some were custom made and the prices were absolutely crazy for some.

Third floor consisted of drums and percussion instruments!

Drum tree!

Drum sticks!

The fourth floor were for sound and lighting equipment. 
Microphones, headphones, stage lights, speakers, the entire sha-bang

While the fifth and top floor was filled with DJ and recording equipment. 
Came across this rainbow coloured keyboard (fascinating)

Of course we did not miss the gigantic cathedral, Kölner Dom, that was situated right outside Köln's Hbf station!

It was really such an exhilarating experience being here in Köln.
The fact that we hopped unto an unknown train that somehow led to our destination.
We had no idea of how long the train journey would take until we were actually on it.
We had no idea of where the music store was situated and went through crazy amounts of frustration in finding out how.
The ticket machines in Köln station are absolutely confusing to a tourist. (frustration sparks)
But the fact that we just hopped on to a train spontaneously
Made the entire adventure just absolutely marvellous! 

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