Thursday, 7 August 2014

Stadiums, Plays and Beer in Munich

All adventures begin with food.

Well, my adventures tend to operate according to that motto.
As Athiei and I arrived in Munich, we found comfort in a strawberry cheesecake while waiting for Jerome, our host in Munich. On a down note, he was too amazing a host that we forgot to take a photograph with him. We were enjoying his personality and hospitality to the point where the camera was ignored.

After leaving our things at his house, the weather wasn't too pleasant so we decided to head to the Olympic 1972 Stadium in Munich where there would at least be a tinge of shade. We were pleasantly welcomed with intriguing low-roofed accommodation near to the stadium.

Each house/shop was painted different from the other ranging from paintings of Snoopy to the Joker to Space Invaders and even fake doors and windows.

Spotting the BMW building from afar.

Trekking through the slight drizzle in the Olympic Park

Presenting the Olympic stadium which has quirky similarities to a horn beetle (personal opinion of course). 

The interior of the stadium.

The green seats which were of different shades.

Oh the excitement in the air while watching the Olympics!

Discovered an interesting churro-like delicacy called the Halka which was slathered in golden syrup or honey.

We returned and helped Jerome with the preparation of dinner where we had homemade spƤtzle, a type of noodle dumpling, which he made from scratch. Interesting part was that he utilised the bottom of a used juice carton, poked holes in it and squeezed the spatzle mixture through it. We had it with some ham, zucchini and carrots.

He then introduced another heavenly creme brulee flavoured yoghurt which was absolutely deadly.

The view of Munich from the top of Alter Peter which only cost us a euro each as we were students. The hilarious part was that it took us a long time to get up to the top. When we reached the 8th floor we thought we had made it...until we realised that we had to get to the 13th floor.

After much tiredness, we headed to a cafe near the Viktualienmarkt (food market) and enjoyed a fruit sponge cheese cake.

The humorous notice at Viktualienmarkt which made sure to tell us not to 


Wine and lots of cheese anyone?

St. Peter's Church (Sankt Peterskirche) had a Garden of Eden themed interior which was very interesting as trees were within the church as well as paper cranes under the ceiling.

The main square, Marienplatz which had the Rathaus-Glockenspiel (little people figurines within that greener part in the wall). They moved at certain times throughout the day but we failed to witness it.

The Bayerische Staatskanzlei within the Hofgarten

We paid a visit to the English Gardens which had mini falls where supposedly people go surfing! Unfortunately we didn't manage to meet any of them there.

The many faces of Athiei

We enjoyed a delicious Bavarian meal at a restaurant around the corner from the Marienplatz subway station. My memory fails me as I can't remember the name of the restaurant but I just remember a huge sign of "Paulaner" outside it. Had the Munich's Pig as my dish which were succulent big slices of roasted pork.

Apple fritters with Bourbon-vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and sugar.

As Athiei is a big fan of football in general, he was really excited to go visit the Allianz Stadium!

The air pockets on the exterior of the stadium which were regulated by technology to ensure the air pressure was suitable during the different temperatures throughout the day.

Within the Allianz Stadium which is a 3-tiered stadium which had huge C-shaped speakers that weighed a tonne each. The angles of each tier was tailored specially to ensure that people within the third tier felt close to the pitch.

The press room within the stadium. Interesting fact is that both FC Bayern and 1860 Munich both share the stadium. However, based on whoever is playing, different posters are put up and different beer glasses and beer are provided as both teams are sponsored by different companies. The workers might need to do the switch around as often as thrice a week if they happen to have back to back matches alternating both teams.

The actual changing rooms specially for FC Bayern.

The contrasting changing rooms for the away team. 
Gives you such a happy mood before each match I'm sure.

The underground entrance unto the football pitch

We met up with other couch surfers at the English Gardens together with Jerome who were from all over the world including France and Columbia.

There was a free Shakespearean play in the park in English so we were ecstatic!

The main couple

The fairy queen who didn't look too happy.

The fairy king who had amazing hair with much volume.

The shocked expression on his/her face is priceless as his/her lover plunges to his death.

The "wall" that the lovers had to converse between.

We hung out at the beer garden within the English Gardens later with the other couch surfers.

Athiei's first litre of beer. 
One whole litre.
As big as his face.

Unfortunately, no photo of Jerome..but he was an amazing host who provided us with a great place to stay with a lovely atmosphere. Personally loved how he went everywhere with a small scooter in hand.

Ah the memories in Munich.
Definitely one of my favourite places.

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