Friday, 8 August 2014

The Little Peeing Boy of Brussels

We arrived in Brussels and were supposed to meet our CouchSurfing host. Unfortunately, he never showed up and we waited for more than an hour, got hungry and decided to grab a bite at a pizza place nearby.
Thankfully, we were getting some handmade delicious pizza during the slightly stressful period.
I received a text from the host saying he would send his housemate to open the door for us and he would give us the key to his room. However, upon arriving at the house, we felt slightly uncomfortable being there with no host (he told me he would maybe appear tomorrow) and also the hygiene wasn't too great. 

We then Googled any available hostels for the night and headed elsewhere (thank goodness check in was still available by 10pm)

First thing the next morning we headed to the antique market at Grand Sablon. I was hoping it would have more than just antiques, like perhaps some food and fruit but I guess for antique lovers it would have been a fun mini market. 

The Notre-Dame du Sablon

La Fontaine Egmont et de Hornes at Place du petit-Sablon

We visited the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM) which has around 9000 musical instruments but only 1121 are displayed in the galleries. As a musician, it was possibly the most fascinating museum I've ever been to just because of my personal interest into it.

Loved the fact that students were only charged 2 euros in contrast to an adult price of 12 euros.
Music students can get in for free which is magnificent!

The harpsichord!

Yes, it is an instrument.
No it is not a chandelier.

Snake-like instrument!

Beautiful white outline and patterns

A really upright piano

Inverted keys!

This reminded me of the multiple head monster that fought Hercules in the cartoon.

Music quotes were alongside one of the walls in the museum.

Palais de Bruxelles! Brussels Palace

Enjoying the must-eat Belgian waffles with a scoop of vanilla ice cream from a little truck right outside the palace.

We stepped into Parc de Bruxelles (Brussels Park) and came across an electronic garden which had DJs playing music while anyone could take a seat and just relax and listen to the music.

Seconds before it began to rain cats and dogs!
The rain was the heaviest we've come across during our travels.
There were even little waterfalls on the pavements.

When we saw that the rain began to subside, we ran into the nearest eatery which happened to sell...
Belgian Fries!
So we each got a tray of our own which was possibly too much of an order.
I liked the addition of the onions though! Was delicious!

Also tried out a new fizzy drink by Schweppes - Agrum - a fizzy drink made of 4 citrus fruits!

We walked through the Galeries Royal Saint-Hubert which was very cute as it had little chocolate shops, macaroon shops and even walking sticks with quirky designs on sale.

Reached the main square of Brussels - Grand Place

Of course along the way, we saw that this little man was promoting beer at a restaurant in a very creative...frothy way. So we had to see the real one!

Presenting the real Mannekin Pis which we were able to see was totally naked (he is occasionally clothed).
Actually he has hundreds of different outfits!
Many varying legends have been made out of this Manneken Pis from peeing on enemies leading to a winning war, peeing on a fire leading to a saved village or just a lost child who was discovered while peeing.

You were even able to bring a little Manneken Pis home for yourself in both metal form and 

Discovered this baby while buying dinner and thought it'd be a lovely gift to get for Athiei. 
Neither of us particularly love Cocacola but just because of the can..I got it
Ah marketing, it really does work.

Also him modelling the Polish t-shirt given by my Polish host parents to me as a present but..unfortunately it was an XL. Perfect on him though so he gets to keep it.

And that's the end of our interrailing trip!
It has been by far my best summer with Poland, Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Brussels. 

I have met so many people.
Learnt a knew language.
Travelled to new places.
Tried many new things.
Added to my cherished moments.

This will just inspire me to travel more and see more.
It was absolutely

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