Sunday, 21 September 2014

Freshers' Week in Trinity 2014/15

Spent my Freshers' week at the Trinity Singers Society enticing people to join while signing them up for auditions. The endless talking, laughing and reuniting with friends has definitely taken a toll on my voice now (slowly but surely feeling that scratchy throat)

This year I'll be the PR Officer for Singers thus I'm in charge of all the designs (woohoo) and social media stuff. Will be great fun trying to improve on my Photoshop and Illustrator skills.

Said goodbye to Francois as he flew back to Switzerland as of last Tuesday. He was by far the best conductor I've ever had. He made my entire year at Singers last year an amazing one and we're all definitely going to miss him greatly. At least he has a t-shirt to remember us by! :)

Also met up with random freshies while at the Singers stand and hung out with them over lunch. Always nice to get to know more people. I've been meeting so many Malaysian / Singaporean people now it's crazy! 

Reunited with my Psychology classmates over at the Pav where we just sat on the grass catching up over our varied adventure-filled summers.

Attended the Planetshakers concert in Olympia Theatre which was amazing. It's been 7 years since I've been to a Planetshakers concert and it was definitely very different from the one in Malaysia. This was much smaller and more intimate and less crowded hahaah! But the buzz was awesome.

Best part was going to the concert with a huge bunch of people that came up from Shannon and Limerick!

Talking about coming up from Limerick, Athiei was one of them who came up for the concert so he stayed in Dublin for the weekend! Which was great because it's right before my classes begin so we got to have delicious food & fun times before we both get stuck into college work. Was really great having him over :)

Then we had a lil flatmates food gathering in Karmen's new house! Introducing some of my new flatmates who have yet to appear on my blog! Jiyeon (3rd from left) and Heehyang (furthest right) from Korea! 

Karmen who used to be my housemate moved out and invited us over for dinner and made some delicious Mexican sopes! which was absolutely delicious! Mmmm.

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