Sunday, 14 September 2014

Return to Dublin!

First things first! Andrew Lee hast arrived in Dublin! 
We used to go to the same church when I was still in Malaysia over four years ago and we were friends. We weren't that close, like we didn't spend time with each other very much but what was cool was that he came to my second farewell party when I left Malaysia for the second time. Ever since then it has been a nice sentiment for me (to whoever who came to see me off you know?) So now he's going to be studying here for several years! So I met up with him and invited him to my church, headed out for lunch and random household shopping with his coursemates after that as well. 

So excited! First Malaysian friend (whom I knew before) who will be "permanently" staying here for the next few years!

So a little summary on what has happened as of late.
It has almost been a week since I've returned to Dublin after my European adventure as well as my Killaloe home visit. The past week involved restocking the house with food, attending various meetings/trainings in college and catching up with friends here in Dublin.

Cho Rong and Tae Woo came to my house equipped with four packets of "Fire" Noodles which is a famous type of instant noodles in Korea whereby it makes your mouth burn. Initially to me they were extremely delicious as I love spicy food. However, ironically the second I stopped eating, my entire face was on fire. We cried together with firey tears. Oh boy.

Chorong, Tae Woo and le newly found friend, Frederick slept over at mine! We chilled together, drank together and just talked for hours without stopping. Didn't help that we continued lazing and doing absolutely nothing once we woke up in the morning.

Also had my first time working as a Global Ambassador in Trinity's Global Room! Well it wasn't exactly a scheduled shift but it was a fun party getting to know the new international freshies. Met Rena from Singapore whose mum treated me to Japanese food after the party as well which was AMAZING!

Trinity's Fresher's Week is just around the corner so I'm absolutely EXCITED!

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