Sunday, 11 January 2015

Of Cakes, Birthdays and Friendships

In a day's time, my second semester of my second year in college will commence.
I do realise that I have not been blogging as profusely as I used to (those 5 posts per day when I was... 11?), but with assignments, old friendships, new friendships and the need for sleep this blog had to take a step back. Unfortunately, I do miss the days where I had hours upon hours to blog on anything and everything. So instead, here's a little summary of how my Christmas holidays went.

It was filled with meetups, birthdays and of course, FOOD.

Joy, Athiei's sister, turned 17 and had a joyous celebration at her home. A couple of her friends came over for food, snacks and a movie.

I baked her a chocolate cake covered with chocolate cream and dusted with icing sugar.
Used a little skewer stick to spell her name out and it turned out alright I suppose :)

Then, I recently just turned 21 on the 6th of January. Got this shiny huge button badge from my mumsie. Not to mention she used her creative juices to put together this contraption:-

A beautiful bucket of chocolate Reese's and positive descriptive words...of me perhaps? Haha I wish.

We headed out for dinner at Molly's in Ballina.

Together with Dad as well, enjoying his fishcakes with sweet chilli flakes (they were pretty delicious)

Athiei then had a party for me at his house (yay!) and it was nice cos he invited the people and took care of the logistics of it so I could just enjoy the night.

We also made an almond tiramisu together the night before the birthday using the almond liqueur from Portugal which he got me (tasted awesome). T'was very proud with the finished product.

The lads: Phelim, Richie, Lionel and Kuol.

The Quirks: Sam and Andy

The females: Ja, Anna, Gabby, Kesiah and I.

On a separate note, Athiei and I made a trip down to Bandon, Cork to meet up with Shane and his lady, Allyson (bride-to-be!). As we'll be missing their wedding during the summer (we'll be heading to Malaysia), we thought it'd be nice to meet up and have a chat. Over some...delicious food of course:-

Raspberry Cheescake 

Caramel Macchiato

Seafood Tagliatelle cooked in a creamy white wine sauce with Garlic Bread

Bacon and Cheese Burger

Mum and Dad both brought me to Dublin today (so I didn't need to take the bus HOOZAH!) and of course Dublin had to be extremely windy.

Bibimbap - Mixed Korean Rice

But it was all okay as we had some delicious Korean and Japanese food to warm us up 

Salmon Norimaki

Kimchi Jigae, a sour and spicy pork kimchi stew

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