Sunday, 22 February 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

As Chinese New Year just begun, here's a little recap of what I've done so far in celebrating it away from Malaysia for the fifth time (sob)! 

First of all, the Chinese Society in Trinity College organised a New Year's Eve dinner together at Lao Hotpot. They gave a great discounted deal of having the hotpot buffet dinner for only 10 euros (if you signed up early). The original price is usually 15.90 so that's amazing!

There was a whole range of meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and mini profiteroles for us to stuff our faces. I enjoyed the dinner together with Emily, Iwan, Suet Yee and Martin who were at my table. It was great fun as we sent out different people to collect different ingredients for our hotpots and missions to gather as many profiteroles as possible (they were in high demand okay)

On Chinese New Year itself (19th February), the Chinese Society had another event in the Global Room where they screened the CCTV Spring Festival Gala on the flat screens. Not to forget they gave a free buffet of lunch including fried rice, noodles, an assortment of meat cooked in various ways and vegetables too! Of course the Global Room was jam packed with hungry, slightly broke, students.

Then just like last year, we went to Iwan's house the following day to celebrate with more food! I cooked some braised minced pork and beef with cabbage while others brought dumplings, char siew (roasted honey glazed pork) and drink! It was great fun watching Iwan fail terribly at Kings (a drinking game).

Then, my reading week began at college and since my parents are both in Malaysia, I'm at Athiei's for the entire week! Although I do have some assignments and readings to do, it's nice to get away from the college atmosphere and just relax for the week.

We both headed to Shannon as Mirie was organising a charity quiz event to raise funds to contribute to children's education in Zimbabwe. We all contributed a fiver each and were broken up into teams of four or so and had to answer 70 questions from various themes. 

Our queezy quiz team name was "Quizeens". Why? We were the only group of four girls (Colleen, Kesiah, Kinga and I) so we came up with "Quiz Queens" and shortened it to "Quizeens". 
Very original...Of Course. Interestingly enough we won! It was quite shocking really. Won a hamper filled with snacks and such which we just distributed to everyone anyway.

Ja and Lynz were the hosts of the quiz and did a great job :) It was nice to catch up with some familiar faces anyway. Not to forget we ended the night with karaoke! :)

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