Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Parisian Way PART 2!

Two little birdies reminded me that Dylan was in Paris and I thought I'd chance it by sending him a message while I was in my hotel room. 

"Are you free tonight? I'M IN PARIS"

Conveniently, he was already going out with some friends a few metro stops away so I managed to meet up with the lovely Dylan, a great friend I met while volunteering in Poland last year (he's this year's Poland country coordinator for Learning Enterprises woohoo!) So we met up for a drink and chat and it was lovely!

......The next day.......

The meeting place was set to be in front of the Fontaine Saint-Michel (Fountain of Saint Michael) and after a slight bit of confusion,  we (my sister and I) met up with Gailene!

She's one of my sister's besties who lives in France and offered to bring us around Paris for the day although she didn't live there.

First stop was the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris where I half hoped that Quasimodo's shadow would be through the windows or perhaps a few gargoyles would start singing. You The Hunchback of Notre Dame ? Disney education. It was absolutely stunning to see the intricate carvings on the walls of the cathedral and the hundreds of people lining up to get to the top.

We walked past the Centre Pompidou which looked extremely quirky and postmodern with its multi-coloured pipe-like architecture. Once again the line was extremely long as people were trying to get into the library and museum. Sometimes the lines of people just take away from the experience.

We walked into Le Jardin Nelson-Mandela which had an interesting head and hand sculpture

And just at the corner of the same park was an earth sculpture entirely made out of glass bottles (turned inwards so the bottom of the bottle was on display), mini ceramic pieces and other similar materials. 

We made it to the iconic Musée du Louvre where the fountain was slightly iced over and people were clammering onto the situated "amplifier-like" structures to take photos with slight opticial illusions such as this:-

Yes, we tried.

Then our noses drifted over to the delightful whiffs of freshly deep fried churros! So Gailene bought us a pack which was covered in sugar and was utmostly delicious.

Obélisque de Luxour, a gift from Egypt to France.

Cute Hershey kisses' shaped trees in the Musée de l'Armée (which we all began to hug as there were many of them in varying sizes but all similarly shaped). They looked so cuddly and huggable but they were trees after all.

Gailene and Sonya having fun with the numerous cannons available there.

Not to mention the Arc de Triomphe! 

And of course, the ever iconic, la tour Eiffel!
It was a great day walking nonstop up and down the chilly streets of Paris a'bustlin.
We attempted to find some delicious escargots but unfortunately the restaurant was closed when we went there at the unconventional non-lunch or dinner hour..(most restaurants close during those times) so instead we had some munchies at a Chinese restaurant which had yummy dumplings.

It was awesome getting to hang out with Gailene as she also helped to be our interpreter during the day and our guide bringing us here and there. 
Definitely a great way of ending the trip here in Paris!

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