Friday, 6 February 2015

The Parisian Way

The Moulin Rouge (Red Windmill) was the first place Sonya and I went to see on a bright Friday morning. Unfortunately tickets were almost 100 euros so we didn't go to the show (snigger).

Instead, we went on a walking tour together with Discover Walks which offer free tours! Bruno was our tour guide and brought us around Montmartre explaining the different sites from a local perspective. First stop was the Cafe les Deux Moulins (Cafe of the 2 windmills) which refer to the two remaining windmills that are in Montmartre,

One of which was this windmill: Moulin de la Galette

The streets of Montmarte had many specialty shops! One of the many was selling a variety of fromage (cheeses!) A cheese lover would drool at the selection provided. 

There was even a map showing which food specialty was famous in several areas such as Toulouse,, Cognac and more.

The statue of Le Passe-Muraille
"The Man Who Walked Through Walls" as inspired by the original short story.

The first Bishop in Paris, Saint Denis, who was beheaded in his time and was rumoured to carry his head for another 6 miles.

Dalila's "7 years of bad luck" was only able to be "countered" if you placed your hand upon her breast. The statue was outside her previous house. Unfortunately, Dalila didn't have a great love life as all three of her lovers died, which ended in her suicide. Thus, to prevent yourself from going down the same route, you have to touch her breast.

"La Basilique du Sacré-Cœur" which was not really appreciated by the locals due to its history of being erected to 'cleanse' the sins of the massacred French socialists.

However, it had a magnificent view of Paris from the top.

"Le Mur des Je'taime" - The Wall of Love in which you can find as many translations of "I love you" as possible. Managed to read the Korean, Polish and Malay translations of it.

Then we enjoyed some coffee and food at the Coquelicot cafe which was recommended by the tour guide.


They sold delicious baked goods by the side too at appropriate prices.

Pistachio Macaroon! Which was extremely sweet. Thought I'd just try it for the sake off but confirmed that I'm not a huge fan of it. Too sweet :O

Place des Vosges previously known as Place de Royale built by Henry the 4th

Not to forget the iconic needed picture with a French baguette.
But not just any baguette!
The baguette who won 2nd place in Paris' Best Baguette Competition 2014
which was found in "Au Petit Versailles du Marais"

More Parisian adventures to come!!

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