Monday, 16 February 2015

Valentine's Weekend

Athiei popped up to Dublin for Valentine's Weekend right after my classes ended on Friday. So we headed over to Ichiman, Dublin 1 for some delicious sushi! Got a great deal off LivingSocial and we enjoyed some lovely salmon, octopus, squid, eel and more. Probably a little too fishy for him at the end but I've missed sushi oh so much.

We headed to Donabate (only a 25 minute train away from my house) for a good Irish breakfast with a delicious spread of juices, baked goods, yoghurt, fruit and all that jazz. Food is life.

The weather was actually magnificent which was absolutely great! A coat wasn't even needed! 

We walked along the beach for awhile and bumped into many families or couples with their dogs having a lovely stroll. There was someone playing with the kite and thankfully the tide was out.

There were so many humongous jellyfish stranded on the beach! They were the size of frisbees. It was absolutely mental! I've never seen such huge jellyfish so I was acting like a child, very eagerly staring at them, possibly annoying Athiei the entire time.

While walking along the crunchy sea shell-filled shore, we saw Patrick! (le starfish).
As we weren't exactly sure whether it was still alive or not, I placed it back into the sea if there was any chance of increasing its survival. 

We headed back to Dublin and instead of going out on Valentine's for dinner we stayed at home with a home-cooked (a lil too spicy) meal and did our own college work (very romantic, I know).

Then we went out for dinner on the 15th as it was cheaper, less crowded etc. 
We headed to the Brasserie 7 on Capel Street, Dublin 1 thanks to the great offer which was on Groupon. (Yes online discounts are amazing) 
The restaurant wasn't too crowded as it was a day after Valentine's, the ambience was lovely and so was the menu.

 I ordered the

Crispy Skin Confit Leg of Duck with Spinach and Creamy Mashed Potato (above)

While Athiei got the

10oz Medium Rib Eye Steak with Jack Daniel's Infused Gravy.
Served with a Rocket and Parmesan Salad, Slow Roast Tomato, Sumo Fries and Tarragon.

His Dessert: Creamy Bailey's Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice Cream

And mine: 

Lemon Posset with dessicated coconut & lime.
Served together with fresh strawberries and an amaretto biscuit 

It was just a really nice weekend that was equally as busy as it was relaxing together with him. 
It's our 4th Valentine's together. 
So of course, it has to be filled with food.........I mean Love. RIGHT. love :P

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