Tuesday, 21 April 2015

9 Days More.

So hi there! I was feeling rather pensive and decided that today felt like a selfie day. I rarely do this since usually my photos have others in them. It has been awhile since I've blogged and this is becoming a more frequent phenomenon. So here's a little recap of the current events.

My exams are beginning in exactly 9 days and will end precisely on the 15th of May.
This year features 6 papers with 15 essays to complete in 15 hours. Am pretty delighted with how the timetable has been divided into my Sociology papers, a week break and then my Psychology papers. But my brain has been currently struggling with attention span, but I'm trying my best. 

I'm more excited about what's AFTER THE EXAMS! This summer features

- a camping trip with my Psychology classmates immediately after the exams
- 2 months in Malaysia with Athiei!!
- 1 month in Korea visiting my beloved friends across the country 

So yeah, things are pretty full this summer and I'll be off on May 25th and will be back in Dublin on the 2nd of September.

Alot has been happening the past few months. Features include:-

Psychology Ball 2015 @ The Church Bar with the awesome classmates

Music Ball @ Clontarf Castle with great friends from the Singers Society - in which we performed several songs! 

Singers had a Collaborative Concert, "Total Praise" with the entire society at Christchurch Cathedral and it was fantabulously awesome - more than 500 people came! I wrote more about it here on the Singers' website.

The Singers AGM for the committee for the academic year 15/16 took place and I got re-elected as the PR Officer :)

The visit of my schoolmates from Malaysia - Carmen (left) and Lawrence (right) over at my place for great chats and sleepovers.

Caught up with Stuey from Killaloe over coffee and cake in Dublin

So the next blog post I have will probably be post-exam so the mood will definitely sound a little more cheery! :)

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