Saturday, 30 May 2015

Arrival in Malaysia with Athiei

Athiei and I arrived in Malaysia on Tuesday and Michelle was there waiting for us to bring us back (very kind of her). We began our touchdown by diving into Malaysian delicacies at the local mamak shop. Ath had his first taste of roti telur (Indian styled bread with egg) and teh ais (iced tea with condensed milk)

Matthew, one of my good friends also returned for his summer break from the States just a week before me so we managed to catch up too.

Jessica and Choon Thye then arrived later and we headed to Sushi Zanmai in Sunway Pyramid for green tea and the chats.

Ken-Ji then took us out for dinner later and spent 3 hours or more catching up over recent things.

Being in Malaysia isn't complete without indulging in the numerous dishes of food. For starters, the delicious spicy chilli pan mee !

Two days after arrival we flew to another Malaysian state, Sabah. I myself have never been but my sister, Sonya has so she brought us around to discover its beauty. We spent a night at the Pines Resort and ironically bumped into two of my friends from Subang - Eilene and Elaine who were both celebrating their graduation with their friends. After spending a night there, we headed to the Mount Kinabalu National Park where we walked 5km to get to the Timpohon Gate which is at the base of the mountain.

We were able to stop several times before heading to the base and got a beautiful view of the mountain with its cool mountainous fresh air. With the steep windy roads, it was a challenge to merely get to the base of the mountain (Therefore, definitely not qualified to attempt to climb Mount Kinabalu, although Sonya is an exception as she has already climbed to the top).

When we reached the Timpohon Gate which is at the base of the mountain, there were so many squirrels running around lurking for snacks brought by tourists. They were darting from left right and centre! It was quite magical really.

After completing our walk we headed back to Kota Kinabalu City and checked into the Masada Backpackers Lodge along with some local Malaysian snacks!  (from top left clockwise)Yam Crackers; Banana Chips; Prawn Crackers; Battered Seaweed Chips

We were taken out by two of Sonya's friends - Ooi and Mei Yee to a hipster looking eatery - Sharikat Biru-biru where we enjoyed some deep fried ikan basung (sardines) with a belacan-based dip which is one of the local delicacies in Sabah

The next day, we were treated by two of Sonya's friends who live in KK, Thomson and Phoebe, to a delicious seafood lunch!

This included fried butter prawns, which are my favourite! Unlike most others, I just eat this particular dish whole - without peeling off the shell or its head.

We also had some delicious soft shell crab with sweet chilli Sauce

We finished off our late lunch with dessert! Behold the custard cheese bun at the local coffee shop (Kedai Kopi 10). Athiei found it so delicious he bought back four more on top of the two he had at the store haha! Big thanks to Sonya for the treat :)

More updates on Sabah coming up next! (includes the Harvest Festival - Pesta Keamatan)

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