Tuesday, 2 June 2015



Despite Joben’s busy schedule, he texted me to organise a meet up! Together with Amanda, we decided to go to Garage 51 Café so that we could include Charlotte in the meetup to as she was working as a waitress there.

Once again, food was largely involved in this expedition, so I managed to try the “Mochatella” which is essentially coffee cubes and Nutella in a glass while milk is provided separately in a jar.

Customers are then required to pour the milk into the jar and stir away to form a mocha-like concoction of delight.

Joben ordered the Chicken Pesto Penne which was absolutely delicious.

I had the Salmon Aglio Olio, Athiei had the Chicken Lasagna together with Guava Juice while Amanda had the Beef Aglio Olio.

All of us had a little taste of the chocolatey sinful goodness presented in a mini tart.

The night was filled with utmost diva-like dramatic laughter (as always) mixed together with both the remembrance of past events and the updates of current ones. All in all it was awesome to be together as a group, as if we never left. Big thank you to Joben for the treat and Amanda for picking us up despite getting lost within my housing area 7 times. 

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