Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Kanching Waterfalls!

A little birdy (Matthew) suggested a trip to the Kanching Waterfalls for both a little picnic and a splash in its waters. So at 10:30AM in the morning, Matthew, Athiei and I headed to the supermarket to stock up on some sandwich supplies and made fried egg and cheese sandwiches to bring along to the falls.

Armed with a tray full of delicious sandwiches, two bottles of juice and two packets of snacks, and an added companion to the equation (Jessica), we trekked up towards the falls! We found a lovely spot to have our meal a few levels up the falls and decided to begin our feast.

Unfortunately, our plans were foiled when one monkey after another began to arrive on scene. Slowly but surely, they surrounded us from all angles eyeing up our food. The first monkey successfully stole one of our packets of snacks, tore it open and gobbled it up. 

We then decided it was time to move camp but Jessica got attacked once more by a flying monkey that attempted to grab her half-eaten yolk-dripping sandwich thrice. The first two attempts were failures but it emerged triumphant on its third try. 

After successful migration of the group with the remaining sandwiches, we thought we were safe and sound. Unfortunately, the monkeys returned and ambushed Athiei from the back. While Athiei was eating his sandwich, it was grabbed out of his hand from behind and we knew we had lost. So we headed towards the car to finish our food before returning back to the waterfall for splashes.

Thankfully, we were able to snag ourselves a great spot to chill and relax in the water on one of the higher levels of the waterfall. Unfortunately, we were not impressed by some of the other locals who were having a barbecue on one of the middle levels. 

The locals were washing their raw meat in the water while using one of the rocks as a chopping board. This was extremely inconsiderate to both others and themselves. God knows how much bacteria was contaminating their food from the water and also the amount of bacteria and blood from the meat contaminating the remaining water for the other swimmers.

However, we had our own fun for hours just floating about the water on the top levels, with only a few others joining us later. Great picture captured by Athiei of Matthew showing off his muscles while Jessica seems to be scoffing at him considering them as muscles.

Another good addition to the collection 

"I am Yao. King of the Rock" - Yao in Mulan

It really was a great day of splashing around, getting natural free jacuzzis from the waterfalls while going on an adventure getting chased by monkeys.

We ended the day by having a deathly match of Monopoly with 7 players - the same four people earlier together with Michelle, Annesha and Deva. 
It was by far, the most intense round of Monopoly I've ever played or seen, the discussions of exchanging and selling property were extremely convoluted and manipulating. 

Good game guys, good game.

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