Saturday, 13 June 2015

KL Skies, Food, and Familiar Faces

Sipping cocktails while surrounded by the beauty of Kuala Lumpur's Skyline with great company sounded too good to be true just several weeks ago. As I left Malaysia at 16, I didn't get to explore Kuala Lumpur with friends very much due to permission to go out then. You know, big city, dangerous, and all that.

So when these guys suggested to go to a helicopter pad for drinks while getting a bird's eye view of Kuala Lumpur, I jumped at the opportunity.

Michelle, Jessica, Annesha, Matthew, Athiei and I headed to Heli, which is at the top of Menara KH. Since we headed there between 6-9pm, a single drink was the entry price to the helicopter pad instead of a full bottle. 

There was a sense of thrill being there though, since there weren't exactly any barriers preventing you from falling off the building, aside from the little rope railings.

We headed to Jalan Alor (Alor Street) where there were shops after shops of eateries lined up. We were spoilt for choice as it ranged from a Chinese to Malay to Thai food. Desserts and fruit were aplenty as well as there were ice creams, layered cakes, fresh durian, lychee, mangosteen, coconuts, and more.

We headed back to the house later after that for drinks and the chats. Thank you Sam for allowing us to have a little bit of your stash :)

That night, Ath also got a try of the famous durian fruit! He successfully finished one biji (one piece of the fruit). For those who have never heard of this fruit before, just give it a little google and you get to see the fruit's whole form as this is just the inside of it. His review of the fruit went along these lines:-

It's not as bad as the rumours say, the yellow outer skin has a strong smell but ones you bite through into the inside it has a creamy texture and a sweet taste. It's an acquired taste but I can see how some people love it. 

Athiei also got to try some lemang which is rice cooked within a bamboo stick by the fire which is usually eaten with rendang (a Malaysian type of curry). We got some on the way back from Genting Highlands as my brother, Sam, went there for a poker tournament. Sonya, Ath and I tagged along to stay in his free hotel room but spent most of our time there anyway since all there was to do in Genting was head to the casino.

On our way up to Genting we also visited the Chin Swee Cave Temple to introduce Athiei another major aspect of Malaysia - the variety of religions. It was also one of my first times being in a Buddhist temple and the view was spectacular. The beautiful mountains and greenery coupled with the fog made it really picturesque.

Along with that. I also got to learn more about the beliefs within Buddhism about the afterlife and what it entails based on your actions on Earth. Personally, I found it rather frightening in contrary to the sounds of the 'path to enlightenment'. But you know, to each their own.

Choon Thye also finally popped me a message after his second exam paper and we headed to Silva's - a mamak (an Indian Malay eatery). Glad to see his face and can't wait till all of his papers are over :)

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