Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Peanut Butter Flower Blossoms

Last Sunday, Damien invited the both of us to support him in one of his dance battles. It was held in the Peanut Butter Studio in Klang Parade. There were two separate categories for the competition. The first one was open to all solo dancers, whereas, the second was only open to novices who would strut their stuff while hoping that one out of the four judges would choose them to join their team.

We spent the whole day there at the studio just being amazed by the talent in that room. I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching dancers of all ages and countries battling it out in good spirit. Despite the slightly dead buttocks at the end of the day (from sitting down), they were really good performances and it was even better that we ended the night with great bak kut teh in Klang :).

Last night we celebrated Mich's 21st birthday at the Coliseum in Sunway Pyramid. I baked her a chocolate cake together with packets of mini Milo box drinks and mini Chipsmore as a joint present from Jess, Annesha, Matt, Deva, Athiei and I. As Michelle's chinese name is Mei Hwa, I decided to get "beautiful flower" piped on the cake instead of the typical happy birthday :P.

The service was rather good at the Coliseum and the food was relatively good. Majority of us thought of the food as average but the service made up for it as they treated us well in the VIP Room, sang Michelle's birthday song and provided refillable water, and other requests pretty instantly.

(from back left) Athiei, Ian, Annesha, Deeva, Matthew
Me, Jess, Mich, Beatrice, Carmen

Had a great time with them, despite my newly acquired cold. It was rather humorous that Carmen also had a cold and Beatrice was getting all paranoid that we'd reinfect her as she was recovering from one. 

Thank you for inviting us Michelle and thank you for all the time you've given us since we've arrived here in Malaysia. Hope you had a great birthday :)

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