Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Penang & Ipoh Trip!

A 3D/2N trip to Penang was planned together with both of my siblings (Sam and Sonya), Athiei and Sam's girlfriend, Eileen. Since our trip to the Philippines two years ago, this is the second time where we went on a holiday together without the parents.

We made a stop at Bidor to Pun Chun Restaurant which is famous for it's duck noodle soup! It was absolutely delicious and well worth the RM10.

We also had some of the yam puffs there which had roasted honey pork inside (Char Siew).

We got to taste the famous Teo Chew cendol from the little alley together with the ice ball - a compact ball of ice drowned in a variety of syrups.

We arrived at Penang and checked in to the apartment we rented for the three days which was at the top of Times Square. It was a fully equipped apartment with three double beds, two bedrooms, and a magnificent view. Air condition was available throughout the apartment and we even had a great swimming pool below. Security was pretty top notch and t'was quite a comfortable pad.

Sam took us around Georgetown as we began to find some of the famous murals around the city. 

I really liked the wire art as well that depicted what happened in those specific locations in the older days.

Aside from Penang's old heritage being the attraction, Sam brought us to more modern and popular cafes such as the Mug Shot Cafe. Basically you were able to take mugshots of yourself while deciding your own charge.

We headed to the Chew Thean Yeang Aquatic and Pet Store where Athiei got pretty intrigued by the variety of animals which aren't really available in Irish pet stores. For example, this pretty large prairie dog who clearly enjoyed its nap time.

Or this googly-eyed fish who ironically mastered the puppy-dog face.

We also had our fair share of animals outside of the pet store where we trekked to Monkey Beach at the Penang National Park (Taman Negara Pinang). We also managed to spot several monitor lizards who were too fast for the camera.

Sonya being the stamina machine that she is, trekked without shortness of breath and reduction in speed throughout the entire 4km there and the 4km back.

Unfortunately, for those who know me well, understand my prevalent lack of balance. This led me to spraining my right ankle (for the 3rd time woo!) while trekking on the way back. Thankfully the swelling has already subsided thanks to the wonderful treatment of Dr. Sonya Chew and the availability of Athiei as a walking stick for the first day or two post-sprain.

A trip to Penang is, however, incomplete without indulging in its street food available at hawker stalls. Athiei once again was exposed to another slightly queer delicacy of octopus. He had to inquire numerous times that we were actually eating the suction cups on their tentacles.

Aside from the good ol' hawker stalls, we tried our hand at fine dining at Georgetown Wines where one of Sam's good friends, Chung, was working. He treated us to a bottle of wine on the house together with great hospitality and laughter.

We returned the next day for a dinner which was a treat on behalf of Sonya and Sam. Our palettes were greatly entertained by the Black Angus Prime Steak which was absolutely delicious. It was marinated beautifully and grilled to perfection,

The churros dusted with cinnamon sugar served with a glass of dark chocolate sauce was an absolute treat to end the meal, thanks to Chung. The trip to Penang was definitely great due to good company, food, and adventure.

On the way back to KL, we stopped by Ipoh for the famous Funny Mountain Tao Foo Fah. The line of customers waiting to order the silken goodness was increasing by the second. Thankfully, we pre-ordered ours while driving there and did not need to line up! It was by far, the best, tao foo fah I've ever eaten in my entire life. So silky, smooth and sweet.

We also stopped by the Nam Thean Tong cave temple as the Sam Poh Tong cave temple was not open. It was really beautiful inside and the bats just added to the experience. Unfortunately as my foot was injured I didn't climb to the very top of the long long long flight of stairs.

Of course, we didn't leave Ipoh without having the famous chicken rice. However, due to the school holidays being on at the time we went there, it took us a grueling five hours to get back home. Kudos to Sam for getting us back.

We then ended the night at Sri Melur in SS19 together with Schaefer, Jessica, Matthew and Ian. Introduced Athiei to the monstrous roti tisu (crispy tissue-like Indian bread filled with butter, sugar and condensed milk) 

Also managed to meet up with the busy Dr. Shaun Kang for lunch today over some delicious black pepper pork soup in USJ. Got to catch up and also got to briefly say hi to his mum and sister, Sonia. Yay for mini reunions. It is quite strange to suddenly be living in Subang Jaya, as if I never left.

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