Sunday, 5 July 2015

Batu Caves & Desa Park City

Batu Caves, where the iconic Hindu temple lies within the beautiful limestone hills. This statue features Lord Murugan, which is the second highest Hindu deity statue in the world. Although it has been a large tourist attraction, I had never seen it with my own eyes despite living only 30 minutes away from it when I lived in Malaysia.

Annesha (left) and Matthew (centre) were also like me, people who lived locally and never went to the Batu Caves. So since I wanted to show it to Athiei and see it myself, we headed together with Deva (second from left) who understood the background of the temple and of Hinduism as well.

The famous 272 steps to get to the temple wasn't as tiring as people say it is. For the past decade or so, most people would express great complaints regarding the endless steps. But to be honest, it was fine, you might feel a little tired but it's not like hiking up a mountain or anything. 

Note to anyone who wants to climb up the stairs - don't wear shorts above the knee unless you bring a cloth to cover your legs as they won't let you go up without it.

 Bear in mind it's a religious site too..I definitely saw some shameless tourists mimicking the statues of their gods.

Once you get to the top of the temple you can see a beautiful cloud of sunshine peeking through the trees.

At some points it even seemed like a mini forest within the cave.

While at the temple you could also see them burning prayers and performing other Hindu rituals.

After that we headed to Desa Park City which is a beautiful park with lakes, families and dogs just spending their free time.

There were numerous turtles as well just chilling in the sun. I accidentally perceived the giant rock they were on to be an actual turtle. Obviously, I was wrong.

Trickles of water down the steps.

The park was also filled with dogs and their owners which were all extremely well groomed. It seemed like a dog convention for the dogs to mingle and make new friends while the owners potentially did so too.

It was an awesome day out with these guys visiting local places that I have never been to before.

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