Friday, 31 July 2015

Busan: Hotcakes, Octopuses and Coin Karaoke

Taewoo and I began the day by taking a bus down to Busan (부산) in which we walked around the Nampo-dong (남포동) area in the scorching sun. It wasn't too bad due to the high rise buildings in the area which provided some shade in the occasional spots. We especially loved walking past random shops in which had their air-conditioning blowing out the front door.

Together with Taewoo's friend, Ha Yeong (하영), we had lunch and hoddeok (호떡) as a snack. The stall was supposedly the famous one in which several Korean celebrities had visited.

Presenting the Hoddeok! It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! Fried sweet dough filled with a sweet sauce (I think it was honey-based) together with chopped nuts and seeds to give it a delightful texture.

After enjoying our Hoddeok, we walked over to Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장) and was welcomed by the fishy smell of seafood - EVERYWHERE! Tubs of crabs, octopus, shellfish both dead and wriggling around. A large assortment of fish was available and if I was not mistaken I even saw some medium-sized sharks and whale meat too.

Even saw this rascal trying to escape his tub. However, he ended up in another tub just right beside it.

We headed to a coin karaoke booth (동전 노래방) together with Ha Yeong while we sang our hearts out in both Korean and English. It was definitely interesting to see such a convenient self-service activity. Not to forget the off key singing in the other booths.

We headed to a Japanese restaurant nearby Dong A University (동아대학교) and had some fried pork cutlet (돈까스) with a slightly spicy sweet sauce accompanied with rice, pasta, salad, baked beans and a ring of pineapple.

Taewoo had his fried chicken curry instead with much excitement in his face.

At the end of the day we proceeded to A Twosome Place, a cafe in Hadan (하단). We ordered some iced coffees which came complete with a hot beverage cup holder (wow). We spent the next 3 hours in the VIP room above with Taewoo's other friends practising English. Managed to meet some of his friends which included Claire (선미), Ho Jin (호진), Min Ju (민주), Kyeong Bin (경빈) which was really great as I got to converse with them about everyday matters while learning their opinions and more about the Korean culture. Looking forward to seeing them again and to experience more of Korea! :)

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