Monday, 13 July 2015

Singapore Sights

The past weekend's adventures involved a flight to Singapore together with Athiei. Tigerair had a pretty good return deal (RM140) which was the same price as a return bus ticket from Subang Parade to Singapore. So when deciding between a 45 minute plane ride and a 6 hour bus journey it was pretty easy to decide. Matthew thankfully dropped us off at KLIA2 so we didn't have to call a cab.

After landing at Changi Airport, we headed to Vivo City for a bite and sat by the harbour while watching the laser water lights from Sentosa Island. 
We were also treated to a surprise firework show while we enjoyed the breeze.

Jon then arrived to say hello and we headed to have drinks by the Singapore River. A little bit of catching up was had with Jon, a good friend of mine over the past 10 years, while sipping on cocktails. 

Although the Singapore Sling is the famous cocktail to have, I enjoyed the classic mojitos very much as the weather was rather warm and a chilly lime drink was very welcome. We then headed back to Jon's to crash for the night.

After a good night's rest, Ath and I headed to Tiong Bahru Market for breakfast. Numerous stalls were there and many of them were selling Teochew cuisine which reminded me of mum's heritage.

I ordered some Chwee Kueh which is rice cakes with fried preserved salty vegetable from the stall above which was regarded as pretty tasty. It was extremely delicious and only cost me $1.20!

As it's an oily breakfast dish, ordering four pieces was definitely enough for me.

We took the MRT to Bayfront and got out to see the Marina Bay Sands' famous hotel which kind of looks like a large Chinese temple gate in my opinion. 

However what I really loved was that the other side of the hotel was made of tiny homogenous metal plates which moved when the wind blew. This resulted in waves of moving metal pieces whenever a gust flew by.

Going up the escalator to the Marina Bay Sands hotel also allows you to get a beautiful view of the Gardens by the Bay featuring the Sands of Time, Flower Dome and Forest Cloud Dome (from left).

Before entering the domes, we walked around the gardens and got to see the Chinese, Malay and Indian Gardens which were designed and had certain plants to be themed as such. 

Tip: Bring a normal pencil and paper when visiting the Chinese Garden as there are places where you can use the rock wall as a template to shade certain patterns unto the paper to bring a little memento home.

As it was rather hot, we quickly entered the air-conditioned Flower Dome which was currently going through a nursery rhyme theme as you see the large shoe with windows. 

Nursery rhymes were also being aired through the sound system to the delight of the children and probably the slight annoyance for adults.

The Flower Dome had such a wonderful variety of flowers and other plants as well. There were many chairs for people to sit, relax and just enjoy the fresh air and flowers. Athiei and I spent about an hour just chatting while observing other tourists and locals about the place.

There were also numerous statues of creatures made out of either flowers or wood to add to the decoration of the dome.

We then made our way to The Falls within the Cloud Forest Dome which was a magnificent sight. The light sprinkles of water were refreshing and slightly chilly but wandering in and out of the cloud through the provided platforms were fun to do. 

Tip: Bring a cardigan if you get cold easily.

Aside from real flowers, there were also ones made out of LEGO!
Featuring the world's largest Lego flower: the Rafflesia

After a thorough visit to the Gardens by the Bay, our tummies needed satisfying and we didn't need to go far! We found a food court within the Marina Bay Sands mall and got some Japanese food. 

Athiei had a little taster of Chuka Idako: seasoned mini octopus too!

We then headed to the S.E.A. Aquarium which is both a museum of marine creatures and South East Asian culture.

There were also some hand-crafted artifacts from regions in Africa.

The first entry into the aquarium is through a tunnel in which allows a variety of sharks to be swimming both above and beside you.

There were also many fish that were on display which all starred in the movie Finding Nemo. 
This included Dory, Gill (moorish idol), Bloat (puffer fish), Peach (starfish)

The jellyfish squishies were not left out.

Stingrays were also to be seen in various colours and sizes.

They even let you touch the starfish and sea cucumbers. 

The best part was the large aquarium filled with many fish and stingray while allowing people to sit, watch and laze while listening to calming music to accompany the orderly swimming of the fish.

We then returned to Marina Bay Sands to witness their fireworks display. Thankfully we were just in time to catch it! Great timing from the exiting of the MRT train.

We then walked over to the infamous Merlion statue overlooking Singapore.

We then met up with Jon once again for drinks at Over Easy in which he treated us again once more.
We managed to catch the light show coming from the Marina Bay Sands hotel over the waters as well!

The next day, Jon brought us to have the famous Katong Laksa in which it must only be eaten with a spoon and not coupled together with chopsticks. This is actually very easy to be eaten as the cooks have already cut the noodles into little pieces. The laksa was really creamy and delicious and definitely worth the bus ride over.

We then walked along Orchard Road while gawking at the big brands along the street, something similar to New York's Fifth Avenue. Coupled together with many ice cream vendors and a few street performers.

We paid a visit to 4 Fingers for their famous Korean fried chicken which was absolutely DELICIOUS. Definitely one of the best chicken wings I've ever had in my life. Their delicious spicy marinade coupled together with the crispy chicken skin was to die for. It was hilarious that you could actually order 150 chicken wings on the menu.

We then paid Honeymoon Desert a visit for some Mango Pomelo Sago dessert which was absolutely creamy, sweet and satisfying.

We also had their Durian Pancake which was much larger than I had expected (yay!). It was big enough for the three of us to have a mouthful of creamy durian goodness and to leave with its wonderful aroma exiting from our mouths.

Then unfortunately we had to return to Malaysia...

Thankfully it was a jam packed trip filled with many new adventures including the Marina Bay Sands, its gardens and SEA World. This time we couldn't afford to visit the Universal Studios but the trip was worth it to see Jon after so long! It was great to see you after so long and I wish you all the best in your current journey in Singapore! Hope to see you in Ireland next year :)

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