Thursday, 6 August 2015

Busan: Colourful Paradise, Soy Noodles & Street Food

Yesterday we paid a trip to one of Busan's main attraction - the Gamcheon Cultural Village (감천문화마을), As above, you can see that it's a village right beside the mountains that are painted in a variety of colours which shows the available diversity within harmony. 

Today, another adventurer joined Taewoo and I! 
Presenting Taewoo's cousin, Su Jin (수진). She was a really nice person who unexpectedly surprised me in her love of rap ! 
At first she looked quiet and shy, but I think that was mostly due to the language barrier instead of it being her actual personality. When we visited the karaoke place (노래방), I was pleasantly surprised by her choice of songs and ability to rap well :)

Within the Gamcheon Cultural Village, there were art pieces scattered all over the village. There were maps and landmarks marked on them showing everyone where to go to find the different artworks. A map can also be purchased for the tourist information office for 2000 won if I'm not mistaken.

The mural above features a fish made of little wooden fish painted in an assortment of colours which played along the theme of the colourful village itself.

Birds were also watching us from above. 
Thankfully none of them were real so we didn't have to look out for any dropping presents.

We began to get peckish and we headed to grab some lunch within the village.
We stopped by 감내맛집 and I tried some kongguksu (공국수) which is a cold bowl of wheat noodles in a soy milk broth. It definitely was a unique dish as I have never had something like this before. Those who are fans of soy beans would probably appreciate this dish. I loved it but was unable to finish it due to its amount.

I found some torsoless people while I was here as well.

Other exhibitions included the warping of time

The couple photo spot

A library by the stairs

Old depictions of the simple life.

Quotes from across the land.

A jumbled mess of Korean characters.

Medium-sized colourful houses

Mini colourful houses!

I wasn't very sure what this was but it definitely has eye-catching colours and architectural styles.

After a long morning of walking in the hot sun within the village, we headed to get some makgeolli (막걸리) which is a Korean rice wine which is of a milky consistency. Mixing it together with honey made it all the better and it went really well with some kalguksu (갈국수) which had knife-cut wheat flour noodles within a soupy broth.

We said goodbye to Su Jin and headed to A Twosome Place Cafe for the English conversation class again where we debated on whether cohabiting before marriage was a positive or negative thing. It was the last time I saw most of them and so I had to say my goodbyes to 

Kyeong Bin (경빈), Claire , Ho Bin (후빈), Ji Seon (지선) and Ha Yeong (하영)

Then we ended our night with some major snackage at one of the street food stalls! Had some ddeokbokki (떡볶이) which are Korean spicy rice cakes that cost us 3000 won and 2 sticks of odaeng (오뎅) fishcake which were 500 won each. 

A delicious way to end the night!

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