Saturday, 8 August 2015

Busan: Gwangan Beach & Bridge

Presenting the Gwangan Beach (광안리 해수욕장) in all its glory! Its sand was nice and soft and the water shallow and clear with the occasional sharp pebble or two. We took the subway there and it was so easy to access for a really reasonable price (I wish a good beach was only a subway stop away). The beach wasn't too crowded and neither was it too hot as it was around evening time by the time we got there

Tae Woo (태우), Ha Yeong (하영), Ji Hoon (지훈), and I headed there with one set of clothes (yeah, we were real smart). They suggested to just sit along the beach and of course I suggested going into the sea despite our lack of extra clothes or any towel of some sort. After much persuasion and excuses being thrown around the place, all four of us headed into the sea! We kinda just bobbed along and went with the flow (Pun intended).

As it began to become slightly darker, the lifeguards began to signal for everyone to get out of the sea. To be honest, it wasn't really dark, there was still plenty of light for awhile, but I guess they just wanted to make sure it was evacuated.

As night fell upon the place, the Gwangan Bridge lit up in lights and a light show commenced complete with lazers and all. 
As Ji Hoon expressed, and I quote, "Bridge, at Night, Bling Bling".
I couldn't really get a good shot of the bridge due to where I was positioned so I settled for the memory pictured in my head.

Taewoo's classmates joined us later on for delicious fried chicken and I managed to get to know them a little bit. Songeob (성업) is on the left while Jung Woo (정우) is on the right. Songeob initially looked like he had a friendly face with a slightly reserved nature, however, that was almost immediately proven wrong when he began to be very chatty and excited in stringing English sentences together to his best ability.

Here's a better photo of Chong Woo - who had an especially American hip hop style about him. This was learnt from one of his friends who had studied abroad there for a year and brought the culture along with him.

Thirdly, Jung Ha (정하) was the last addition who wasn't very keen on photographs and therefore I had to grab a sneaky photo which wasn't really sharp. Initially he looked really reserved as well but as the night went on I got to know more and more about him and he was really kind for offering to pay for my bus fare due to my lack of change :') 

We ended the night over drinks at another restaurant where we enjoyed grape flavoured liquor combined with deep fried cheese sticks and baked potato chips. Big thank you to all of you for making this trip such a special one with your friendliness, jokes and efforts to speak as much English for me. Also, thank you for treating me to drinks and treating me like a friend.

This has definitely been one of my favourite adventures as I finally got to experience Korean culture first hand - a dream I've always wanted to achieve.

Thank you to Taewoo for making all of this possible as well :)
Meeting such amazing people in a week has made this so hard to say goodbye.

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