Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Changwon: History, Scenery, Rice Burgers & Childishness

Today's adventure involved a visit to Changwon (창원) in which we went to the Changwon House (창원의집) where the older traditional buildings for nobles in their day were on display. This included a complete courtyard of a traditional watermill, kitchen, fermenting yard, hall, pavillion and more.

Of course they made sure to provide tourists with potential photography moments. I guess this will be the closest I get to wearing a traditional Korean hanbok  (한복) since it's so pricey.

We managed to get some shade from the scorching sun while admiring the olden architecture.

My favourite place within the Changwon House was the Octagonal Pavilion. We managed to get a view of Changwon from above while enjoying a slight breeze.

We went next door to the Changwon Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (창원문화재연구소) where we could learn about the history of Changwon in its development, expansion and functions throughout the years.

We took a taxi to the Yong Ji Lake (용지호수) where we enjoyed some cold drinks while the sun was at its highest peak. Thankfully the nearest bench was in the shade so we decided to sit there, chill and talk about all things under the sun.

We took a walk around the lake and what we thought were lamp posts turned out to be music speakers in which all sorts of songs were coming through. There were also wooden platforms scattered under the trees so people are able to just lie down, relax and take a nap if you wished to.

We satisfied our hunger pangs with a visit to Bon Gousse (번구스밥버거) which basically sells all sorts of burgers that use rice with seaweed instead of burger buns. Don't be alarmed, they give you spoons instead of expecting you to eat it as a burger. It is packaged like one though!

We ended the trip with a nice iced cold Americino (Americano+Cappucino) that really looked like a pint of Guinness. It was kind of a coffee a la stout which made it quite amusing. 
Nothing is more refreshing than an iced cold drink at the end of a hot day.

After returning home, Taewoo's mum made some delicious kimbap (깁밥) for dinner!

Then after dinner we headed out for a stroll to the nearby new park which is situated on a hill which has a pavilion at the very top which allows you to get a birds-eye view of Jinhae. It was really refreshing (시원해) too! We spent the night walking into spider webs, trying out the available exercise equipment at the park and making too much noise at the children's playground till a neighbour shouted from the condominium for us to shut up.

Was a great way to end the night - sneaking away from the park before the old man pointed us out.

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