Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Changwon: Waryeong, Night View & Baby Octopuses

Chorong picked me up from Taewoo's house and we headed to a traditional waryong (와룡) which was within her university campus in Changwon (창원) We had to go up a large hill until it seemed like we were in the countryside. There were large wooden table-like platforms for us to relax while we ate and drank. There were even warning signs to beware of wild boars possibly entering the university grounds.

We had some kalguksu (칼국수) accompanied with delicious makgeolli (막걸리). 

Two tables across from us, a group of 3 men were drinking as well and one of them was slightly tipsy and offered us his remaining makgeolli as they were going off. He then proceeded to invite us over to his table in which we immediately hesitated and pretended to not want the offer anymore. Thankfully he left it (although a little infuriated by our decline), and gave us the drink anyway.

Dae Hwan 대환 then joined us later and we headed around Changwon city together with Ji Eun (지은) as well where I bought some makeup remover etc.

And of course we tried on things we weren't going to buy.

We got peckish and he treated us to honey butter bread with whipped cream and cinnamon.
Much love.
Much appreciation.

We then ended the night by meeting Taewoo (another different Taewoo to the one I've been referring to in the past few blogposts), let's just call him Terry as he suggested to diminish the confusion. We visited the Machang Bridge (마창대교) and ended the day over coffee and midnight snacking of spicy rice cakes (떡볶이)

The next day we had a spicy chewy surprise of meat dumplings, samgyeobsal and baby octopus (만두삼겹살쭈꾸미). It was served with a bowl of rice and seaweed and a cold bowl of soup.

T'was really nice to catch up with this crazy woman.
Coming up next: a visit to Chorong's farm!

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