Monday, 17 August 2015

Daegu: Downtown, Stamp Hunt, New Adventures!

This lady has been my housemate for a year in Ireland and when she returned to Korea two months ago, it wasn't a worry as we knew we were going to see each other again! And here we are, Jiyeon 지연 and I in Daegu in Korea!

When I arrived in Daegu 대구, she brought me to the Suseong Lake 수성못 where it was beautifully lit up at night. There was also a singing competition actually occurring on its premises.

The main reason of our visit was to watch the light fountain which was on show for roughly 20 minutes. The fountains were spraying in different directions in different intensity levels while laser lights were also being shone on the water which produced a light show.

We then headed across the lake to a small amusement park which had even more lights. It was definitely a couple spot as there were many couple shot photos to be taken with all the glittering hearts and all.

Instead, we just marvelled at the creations they made.

A glittering pagoda.

Seen from within.

And even the opportunity to obtain a pair of wings :D

We headed for food but I got shocked when this side dish arrived.
A plate of steamed silk worm pupae known as 'beondaegi' 번데기
It definitely looked creepy to me but I went for a taste...
and never returned to it.
I can see how people appreciate it but its aftertaste was not my cup of tea.

This however was extremely delicious.
Daegu is famous for its grilled makchang 막창 and gobchang 곱창 which are the large intestines of a pig and the small intestines of a cow respectively.
We also had some skewered chicken heart while we were at it.

I've eaten the first two since I was young so to me they were extremely delicious and not scary to eat but the heart was a first for me and I must it was awesome!
I just kept eating it!

Today we headed to Dongseong-ro 동성로 to visit its historical sites. It also happens that her high school was just beside it so she knew the area very well.

While we were there, another Korean spotted that I was a tourist and told us more about the area and returned with the English tour guide leaflet complete with a 'stamp tour' collection which I could used to collect stamps at each historical spot. Unfortunately by the time we were at the second last stop, we were too tired and could not complete the entire itinerary.

First stop: the Missionary Museum

Secondly, the 3.1 Independence Movement Road 
3.1 만세운동길
where they united against the Japanese in the past.

The entire walkway above were decorated with numerous Korean national flags.

Third stop, the Gyesan Cathedral

Fourth stop. the Old House of Yi Sanghwa

Just outside the Old House of Yi Sanghwa, there was an opportunity to take photos wearing the olden Korean traditional dress. There was also a web camera ready for you to take and print a photo there and then.

Lastly we went to the Old Jeil Church 구 제일교희

We walked through the famous herbal medicine market in Daegu 대구시한약재도매시장
where you could smell the herbs just by walking down the street.
It made me recall horrible memories where I had to taste such nasty stuff when I had a cold when I was young and even in my teens thanks to some of my friends.

An attempt in making herbal medicine look cute.
Lies! Absolute lies!

We headed to the nearby department centre and found a Kakaotalk-themed staircase with the peach cartoon all along it

You could even buy other Kakao-talk merchandise there such as plush toys, phone covers, bedroom slippers, stationery, perfume and even face masks of some sort.

We headed to a book shop and went to the Korean for beginners section in which we bumped into a new friend - Neil who was from the States. He was working as an English teacher in Daegu and wanted to improve his Korean while he was at it. So it was nice to just have a short chat and say hi. 

There's just a natural magnetic force between two foreigners in a foreign land.
It's one of those moments when you're like "I understand how you feel"

We then ended the day because Jiyeon is a grandma and gets tired easily.
Haha I kid! It was a long day and we were both exhausted and so we headed back to her place to crash and do girly things like paint nails and stuff.

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