Sunday, 16 August 2015

Haman: Church Camp, Caligraphy and Promises

First of all, I will introduce you the new dishes I've managed to discover lately and then end this post with a compilation of new and old faces and stories behind them and the connections made. 

So first up, I sunk my teeth into the tender meat from a backbone of a cow - a dish called 'deungbbyojjim' 등뼈찜. It was definitely a first but it was rather delicious and extremely filling coupled together with glass noodles and seafood. I enjoyed this meal together with Terry (이태우) and his sister Yerim (예림) since Chorong (초롱) was spending the day at Haeundae Beach with her friends.

Secondly, kimbab 김밥! which is similar to sushi in Japan but the key ingredients differ and the dipping of soya sauce is not really done over here.

Rice cakes ddeokbokki 떡볶이 with slices of fish cake 오땡

Kongbul (kongnamul 콩나물 + bulgogi 불고기)
which is essentially bean sprouts and beef in a spicy sauce

Lastly, some Japanese cold soba noodles in soy sauce - my absolute favourite!
I've been wanting to eat this for ages! I only got to eat this twice so far since I've been here and I'm so happy :') much happiness indeed

On Friday, together with Terry and Yerim, I headed to a youth camp in the Sanseong Church (산성교희). Since Terry was playing the drums for the service later we had to go earlier for practice and that's when I got to meet everyone and make new friends. There was praise and worship and thankfully there were a few Korean songs that had the same tune as English worship songs so I could follow them better. I spaced out for all of the message (obviously, as it was in Korean) but I was able to participate in the eating and games later thanks to Terry translating everything for me while he was emceeing.

As the night drew to a close (it was 4 in the morning actually), I had to say goodbye to Terry/Taewoo as it was the last time I was able to see him since he was heading to Jeju Island the following day. A big thank you for being my friend for the past four days and it was really nice to meet you. Thank you for every time you cared for me by making sure I felt comfortable, that I understood everything in Korean and just being there as a really good friend even though I've only known you for several days. It really touched me when you called before I was leaving just to say goodbye. I really hope to see you again some day as I'm sure this friendship was not just made for nothing :) Thank you so much.

I will also treasure your gift dearly :)
Thank you for providing comfort for the rest of my travels! It's actually such a useful gift haha!

The day after the camp, Cho Rong introduced me to one of her besties - Jung Ho (정호) on the left and we hung out at Solbing (설빙) over some coffee and shaved ice desserts along with Dae Han (대환) as well.

While we were taking photos a little girl ran towards us saying that she wanted to be in the photo as well and lo and behold here she is. It totally made us all melt inside at her utmost cuteness. Or as described by Jung Ho, simkung (심쿵) - heart attack

Daehan (대환) gave me a really lovely gift, hand written using a caligraphy pen.
인생은 작은 인연들로 아름답다
which translates roughly into

'Life is beautiful due to the small bonds of friendship made'

Then I decided to leave Chorong a message (in the pink) while she wrote me one (in purple)
which translates into

Park Taewoo
Kim Chorong
Our friendship is forever"

I then found out that Jung Ho is actually planning on studying English in Ireland in 1 and a half years time - in early 2017 when I'll be in my final year of university. So we made a promise to meet up there and then! Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin new friend!

Lastly, I said farewell to this beautiful lady who took care of me for the past few days. Thank you Cho Rong for the time you spent with me, for taking care of me and making sure I was okay. Thank you for letting me share your bed and my thoughts with you. I will treasure the memories and the little gift you gave me too. I'll see you one day, I'm not sure when, but we will meet again little lady. Much love from me to you :) 

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