Monday, 3 August 2015

Jinhae: Church, Catch ups and New Faces

It has been exactly four days since I touched down in Korea and have been staying at Taewoo's house. As today was a Sunday, I went with his family to the nearby church which is just around the corner - Jinhae Baptist Church (진해침례교회). 

As both Taewoo and his mum are part of the church orchestra, we headed there an hour earlier for their rehearsal. It was definitely intriguing to see that the church had an orchestra which had flutists, violinists, a clarinet player and a cellist in total. The church building was also rather large as it had numerous floors and separate rooms for all purposes including a cafeteria and a cafe.

As I'm not fluent in Korean, it would have been difficult for me to listen to the Sunday message while paying attention. Instead, I headed to the children's room together with Taewoo's sister, Seon Mi (선미). Definitely it was a much better choice for me as I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

As the children had a short English lesson during the Sunday school time, I was told to continue speaking English with the children to encourage them to do so as well. Some kids were pretty good, some were shy but interested, some were just really excited and bursting with energy and some were just chilling. Questions I was asked included:

1. Are you married?
2. Do you have a boyfriend?
3. What certificates do you have?
4. What grades do you get in school?
and random Math questions.

I spent most of my time with this boy, Seok Kyeong (썩경) as he attempted to let me memorise Korean memory verses (which ended in my failure) and also tried to make me forge his teacher's signature showing that he memorised his memory verses (I was almost fooled by him). 

Anyway, I think he ended up teaching me more than I taught him as I had to converse with him with whatever bit of Korean I knew. After that we headed to the church cafeteria for a complimentary lunch provided by the church. I was rather astounded as there was rice, beef, salad, kimchi and watermelon provided for all the church members! 

Later in the evening we headed to Jinhae's main area of restaurants and headed to Maru Cafe for some iced vanilla lattes. However, this time we weren't just by ourselves...

Cho Rong (초롱) came as well! Another friend who studied in Ireland last year who I met at church. Thanks to her I didn't only get to know an amazing woman but also Taewoo! We were able to catch up about her recent trip to Europe for three weeks while slightly reminiscing the times we had in Ireland. 

Our stomachs started grumbling so we headed for some good ol' Korean fried chicken which was absolutely tasty. We tried the original and Chinese styled chicken which came with a juicy sauce.

I also got to meet three of Taewoo's friends, however, one of the wasn't in this photograph. Sitting in the middle is Ji Hoon (지훈) while Hyeong Jin (형진) is on the right. It was a great time getting to know them and improving my Korean but thankfully they were able to speak English as well so we could fill in the gaps in both our second languages.

We then ended the night with this amazing fruit platter which had almost every possible fruit to buy at the market. This was coupled with bottles of soju (소주), laughter and new memories. T'was a great night :)

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