Monday, 3 August 2015

Late Night Chats by the Pier

Today, Taewoo and I mainly spent the day at home just chilling and watching television recuperating from last night's fun. His mum kindly made us some delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner so we could be fat couch potatoes and eat the entire day. I craved for some fresh air and suggested that we take a walk around the Jinhae (진해) area.

Since Hyeong Jin (형진) lives only 15 minutes away from Taewoo's house I invited him as well and we headed for a post-dinner stroll. Little did I know that we were actually heading to the Jinhae Haeng Am (진해 행암) Pier. We saw many families and friends camping, fishing, drinking, chatting and just relaxing. One family even brought their own projector and screen and made their own little outdoor cinema screening one of the current popular Korean dramas.

We bought some drinks from the convenience store and sat by the pier in a little wooden hut while getting to know each other more. The mosquitoes were also quite excited at our arrival.

T'was a simple day of chilling and tomorrow will be filled with more adventure! 

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