Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pyeongnae: Photobooths, Han River, Return

After boarding on a train for 3 and a half hours, I left Daegu 대구 behind and arrived in Seoul 서울. As I arrived at the station, Heehyang 희향 met me there and we headed towards her house in Pyeongnae 평내. It's been roughly 7 months or so since I've seen this woman as we used to live together in Dublin until she moved back here. She was my source of laughter and silliness at home as we couldn't care less about our appearance with one another.

We headed to her grandmother's house as that's where I'm staying with her for the next week. First night I spent with her involved a lot of chatting, laughter, baby talk and rolling around for several hours.

She introduced me to one of her childhood friends, Eun Bi 은비 who was equally as bubbly and cute as she was. After having makgeoli 막걸리 with kimchi pancake 김치전 and udon 우돈 noodles, we decided to go to the photobooths or as they call it here sticker photo 스티커 사진.

With props provided and all, we became secondary school students again and posed for the camera in extremely rushed shots. I remembered the haste in pose-changing that was needed before and it remained the same still. The last time I went to a photobooth I was probably 14 or so. It was as fun as it was seven years ago.

We proceeded to stroll along the famous Han River 한강 which was full of locals lying on the grass, walking their dogs or just enjoying some snacks while they were at it.

We brought our own mat as well and just enjoyed the time together over chats and two cups of instant noodles 라면.

Also, I stumbled upon this offer on the Korail website which allows all foreigners who have been in Korea for less than 6 months to buy a "Happy Rail Pass" which gives you unlimited train rides around the country for a fixed price. It comes in different day packages but it's definitely worth it even if you're taking at least two long distance train rides as you're allowed to ride the quickest KTX trains (they're twice as fast as the regular ones)

So I bought this one which cost me 76,600. I used it to go from Seoul-Busan and back to Seoul the next day. The train journeys were 2 hours and 30 minutes each which is 3 hours less than getting the cheaper train. If I had not gotten the pass, it would have cost me roughly 110,000 instead. So it was definitely nice to save some money.

I thought I wouldn't see this face for another year or two but I guess I was able to see him once again.
Yay for spontaneity!

After arriving in Busan I had some delicious pork soup with rice 돼지국밥 which was the best thing to have on a slightly rainy day. It made you feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

Dinner then was awesome fried chicken which was half soy sauce and half sweet and spicy.

Got some cute looking jarred lattes while we were at it too!
Now I'm back in Seoul again and tomorrow we're gonna go and explore


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