Thursday, 27 August 2015

Seoul: Tourists, A Palace, A Market and Nightlife

Today, a full adventure around Seoul began and we spent many a time using public transportation may it be the metro or the bus. However, together with Hee Hyang, we failed to wake up early and only got up at around 12 in the afternoon. Since we were off to a great start, we obviously took our sweet time getting ready and eating a hearty homemade lunch before heading out.

First stop was Insadong 인사동 where I saw the most foreigners I've seen since I've entered this country. There were even some Indonesians who I met (almost mistaking them from Malaysians). The streets were crowded with souvenir shops and one of the famous corners was the Ssamjigil 쌈지길 which had numerous unique little shops within a complex which had a sort of 'snail-like' concept where you could walk in circles and it would lead you to the next floor without you needing to take the stairs.

The first shop tried to sell us poop. Not just any poop. Delicious poop!
They were poop pancakes filled with either chocolate or red bean paste. and were known as Poop Bread ! 똥빵!

We met some wooden instruments and players.

When I said unique shops, some were really strange. There was a shop which sold mini cacti the size of one section of your finger!

We found a sticker photobooth store which allowed you to wear the traditional Korean costume, the hanbok 한복 while getting your photo taken. There was no extra charge so we jumped at it!

They had several designs for you to choose from and they were of a relatively free size. The skirt was tied on so anyone can fit it. The top was a relatively loose fit so most people could wear them.

Tada! Both of us got one of these each and it cost us 10000 in total which is a pretty good bargain as hanboks are extremely expensive to rent/buy

When we got to the very top of the snail-like complex we saw an extremely couply walkway filled with messages from couples who had been there. Obviously, every couple was taking photos with the lovey-dovey trail. 

When we left the place, we headed to Gyeongbokgung Palace 경복궁 !

There was a fair bit of walking ( and stumbling thanks to the cobbled ground ) around the palace's premises. The architecture was really beautiful as you got to see the interior and exterior of the palace. Fun fact, the middle stairs is blocked within the palace as it was only meant for the king to use!

Several stops were taken within the palace just to get a breather.

The animal like figurines were designed to be on the roof corners in order to protect the place.

This was probably my favourite part of the palace, the lily pads covering the entire pond.

I was definitely not the only tourist there as I saw a couple of Americans doing awesome poses right in front of the pond.

Once we were done with that, we headed to visit the famous creator of the Korean Hangul language - King Sejong 세종대왕

All the walking combined with heat made us crave for some shaved milk ice dessert ! So we headed to A Twosome Place for some Mango Cheesecake Bingsu! Oh it was so delicious. The mango was a tad bit frozen to our liking but other than that it was so refreshing. Or as most Koreans would say, shiweonhae 시원해~

We then stopped by the famous Guangjang Market 광장시장 which has been here for more than 100 years. One section sold lots of fabric for both the making of the hanbok and bedding sets. Whereas the other section was filled with lots and lots of street food!

Heehyang and I scoffed down a little bit of everything fried together with some Korean makgeolli 막걸리 rice wine right in front of the lady who served us.

We took the metro to Dongdaemun 동대문 Design Plaza and Heehyang proceeded to model out of no where. I think we were just extremely tired and went to crazy mode all of a sudden. Of course I made her do several shots until she got too embarassed and shouted 창피해 (i'm embarrassed)

Then she decided that I had to do it as well. So obviously we got some weird looks but we couldn't care less.b

At the Dongdaemun Design Plaza there were hundreds of LED White roses just decorating the park.

Probably there were thousands of them. As usual, the flowers brought tons of couples along with them. We just spent the last part of our night staring at the flowers and relaxing before heading back on the bus to home sweet home.

It's been a long and fruitful day.
Another one is coming up tomorrow!

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