Thursday, 13 August 2015

Uiryeong: Farm Fun and a Goodbye

Chorong brought us over to her farm in Uiryeong (의령) where we enjoyed some great bonding time.
Taewoo (left) took a 2 hour bus ride to come and join us and Chorong brought two of her friends over (from right: Ji Su 지수 and Taewoo/Terry 태우). Our night was absolutely fantabulous.

We began with a great tasty barbecue followed by three hours of  karaoke (노래방) accompanied by six bottles of soju (소주) two bottles of makgeolli (막걸리). The karaoke was especially hilarious as we used youtube as our source. This worked in my favour as the Korean songs they chose came along with romanisation so I was able to read it at the same pace as them. We sang, screamed, laughed, danced and then proceeded to end the night by watching Annabelle 2 which scared the crap out of us. Mostly spent my time hiding behind others while attempting to block out the sounds.

It was definitely a crazy fun night which only ended at 6 am only to be awoken by Chorong's parents 2 hours later.

Her mum made us some yummy breakfast which consisted of boiled mandu dumplings (만두) with some side dishes. We then nibbled on some grapes before heading out. Their grapes were of a totally different species as you could 'pop' them out of their skins and eat them skinless! Absolutely delicious as it had less of a bitter taste from the skins.

They brought us to a nearby waterfall area called Chalbigyeguk (찰비계곡) where we dipped our feet into the waters and splashed around a little.

We then went to the Uiryeong Yesulchon Art Gallery (의령예술촌).

Some of their art exhibitions had a traditional aspect to it.

While also showcasing some modern takes on life.

Of course I penned my details into the guestbook.
Leaving my footprints behind.

We were peckish and found some melons that were unfortunately too big for us to nibble on.

But her parents brought us to enjoy some shaved ice bingsu (빙수) over chats.

Then the time came to finally say goodbye to Taewoo for the next goodness knows how long. We sent him off to the bus stop, leaving with multiple hugs, tears and uneasy emotions. 
It has been an amazing two weeks and I'm so grateful for the time you gave up for me.

We will meet once more, may it be in Korea, Ireland or elsewhere.

We headed to the Terry's house in 예곡 while enjoying the cool breeze on his roof. It was such a great place to just sit and think about life. Definitely befitting of the post-separation with Taewoo earlier. I met Terry's mum and even one of the neighbours who came with her three children as they heard a foreigner was in town (t'was absolutely hilarious).

We pacified our peckishness with some tasty honey garlic oven baked chicken.

Another friend was introduced to me who had just returned from his travels in the States - Seon Min (선민)! A funny guy with a slightly awkward initial introduction as he was shocked when I said hi in Korean. 

The awkwardness quickly faded out as we got chatting and they told me about "wuimu molajugi" 외모 몰아주기 which is where one person remains looking good while the others purposefully look as ugly as they can in the photo. This enables the person to be the 'spotlight' and seem to look better looking than he/she actually is. 

New cultural fun fact I've learnt over here.

Today was probably one of the more emotional days I've had here in Korea due to the separation of a friend. The fact that I don't know when I'll see him again makes it all the more difficult.

I guess life is just this way.

Filled with happiness, sorrow, meetings and departures.

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