Thursday, 17 September 2015

Dublin: Week before the Mayhem

After a three month adventure hitting Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and Manchester, I had to return to my other home - Dublin. Since I've been back, it's been a nonstop whirlwind between work in college, meeting up with friends and finding time for myself.

So firstly, I've been continuing my work in the Global Room in Trinity College as a Student Ambassador and since the semester is about to begin, new international students are flying in to Ireland. As part of the meet and greet team I've been going to the airport to pick up numerous students for the past week or so.

So far the most I've picked up was four in a day but tomorrow's gonna be my record - eight of them!
It definitely is a challenge trying to spot a face you don't know and trying to guide them to their accommodation while looking out for other faces simultaneously (thanks to different landing times). On the upside, I get to see such grateful people and have the privilege of telling them about the college and Dublin itself. 

Today I managed to test the airport food they have upstairs and the duck noodle broth was absolutely delightful. It wasn't too expensive as I had feared airport food would be (8 euros)! Going back tomorrow definitely!

Alongside that, connected to college, is my involvement in the Trinity College Singers. I'm once again the PR Officer for the year and since Freshers' Week begins next Monday, I was busy designing the posters, cards and banners for the society. 

So to any Trinity student who is interested in being a part of an awesome choir, audition with us next week!

Together with Aden, we headed to the Dublin Science Gallery to see its "secret" exhibition which was as always, very interactive and intriguing. 

Particularly the ability to learn how to pick a lock (upstairs) which took me ages. Got to learn the mechanics of a lock and successfully picked a 4 pin lock. This already resulted in hand spasms and hand cramps from gripping the lock too hard.

In regards to people, Athiei spent just under a week with me after we went to Manchester. We explored parts of Dublin including the National Botanical Gardens which was absolutely lovely as it was coupled together with great weather. We had dinner at Wagamama's, watched the second movie of Maze Runner and just spent time together.

Other people I got to catch up with was Kah Chun - a great time spent in the sun at Stephen's Green Park complete with home-cooked take-away and cans of soya bean.

Callum - a good friend from the Singers Society over half priced delicious food thanks to LivingSocial vouchers at the Harbourmaster

Which then caused me to buy another voucher to have a girly night out with Maeve, Sarah and Anna.

Working so many hours has definitely helped me earn some of the money I spent during the summer but it definitely is taxing after a couple of days. Thankfully, I love my job so it makes it all the more easier. The next few days will be spent working loads too all through Freshers' Week.

So stay tuned for more news on Freshers'! 

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