Saturday, 26 September 2015

Freshers' Week ain't just for freshies

The past week it has been absolute mayhem at Trinity College.
No we haven't begun classes yet, instead we've had our annual Freshers Week! It's where all 119 societies and clubs open their stalls for all the freshers and returning students to find out more information and sign up for the year!

Just like last year, I was with the Trinity College Singers stand at different times throughout the week. I'm once again the PR Officer for the society which involves designing any print material we need and also managing the social media. We held auditions for the entire week for our four choirs, the Singers, Boydell, Trinitones and Belles (our newly added a cappella pop all-female choir). We spent many an hour sitting in the cold winds of Dublin aided by hot cups of coffee. 

We also performed at the Hist Conversation Room to showcase our talents a little bit to the newcomers. We also had lovely platters at Doyles on the first day of Freshers' Week right after the Singers EGM where Sara and Sinead were elected as the joint conductors of the Trinity Belles.

Along with the Singers stand I also spent a couple of hours helping to print out the new student IDs in the Public Theatre - the job that could either make or break your identity for the next four years.

As it was Freshers' Week, I wanted to make sure I also had fun outside of work so for the first time in my life, I actually went on a pub crawl ! (it's only been like five years of living in Ireland to make me go on one). Together with the Psychological Society, we hopped from bar to bar within Dublin 2 while being cable tied to someone else you didn't know. Those who weren't able to stand their partner could then request for a scissors from the committee. The last remaining couple then would win a couple of vouchers (if I'm not mistaken). Thankfully, being tied to John was grand as his girlfriend, Meaghan was tied to Laura so we could spend the night together. 

Also, I made it to the Korean Hangout night and got to meet an exchange student from Seoul, Yong Hyo (영효) and another new arrival - Il Woo (일우). I finally got to speak my Korean once more and they were rather surprised but of course my fluency is very low so my grammar was all over the place. Atleast it can help me for my Korean A2 classes which begin in two weeks!

I also met up with Lucas (one of the new Malaysians I picked up from the airport) who introduced me to Siew Ting and we all signed up for the DUSEAS (South East Asian Society) which organised a Japanese Freshers' Dinner at Musashi, IFSC to get to know the other members.

By paying 15 euros, we were entitled to either three starters or one main course so I decided to opt or the former. Mine started with these tasty gyozas filled with meat with a lovely sauce to dip it in to.

Followed by some spicy salmon rolls

And some unagi (eel) avocado rolls which were oh so heavenly. Surprisingly enough these three appetisers filled me up to the brim!

Others instead headed for the sole main course which was like this fried rice dish.

Or they were filled with a tasty bowl of ramen noodles with seafood, meat and fish cake.

After our dinner we strolled down to the Dublin Oktoberfest and got ourselves some beer and had some chats with them. It's the first time for me to actually get to know the South East Asians over here as 99% of them are in the Health Sciences department so I never get to meet any of them.

Talking about meeting people, things have also been rather busy in my house as Zoe Junglas flew over from Germany and stayed with me for a while as her original accommodation had bailed. She then brought over this amazing marzipan paste-filled box of chocolates from her region.

As if that wasn't enough, my housemate, Fernanda who was leaving the house made us some chocolate fondants before she left as a farewell gift.

While I instead have a new roommate in the house! Swetha Sampath is here!
I finally have another Trinity student living in the house who'll graduate at the same time I will! And of course, as I click so easily with her...I'm looking forward to this new adventure!

With her she brought cake as she moved in just after her birthday. So I'm pretty excited that I get to live with this crazy friend of mine and I'm looking forward to all the things we'll get up to - even if it's sitting around wrapped up in a duvet and eating ice cream out of a tub.

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