Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Seoul: Last days

My last few days in Seoul were spent exploring Hongdae 홍대 together with Heehyang 희향.
As we went on the weekend, there was an art and craft fair by the locals there.

Hand made cards were there with the possibility of customising one for yourself. Most of the sellers were young adults or university students who were earning a few extra bob on the side.

There were several artists who were providing self-portraits on the spot within 15-20 minutes. Each artist had his own style and therefore different ones appealed to different people. Some looked more realistic whereas some looked more cartoony or anime-like.

Heehyang and I chose Sungho, one of the artists who drew a rough sketch with a pencil and proceeded to use water colours to give you a slight mermaid-like look. He was pretty good as seen from above. I think it looks like a Korean version of me - the eyes especially haha! I'm pretty happy with it though! 

It was pretty hot so we went for some bingsu 빙수 dessert! We headed to Wicked Ice for some shaved milk ice dessert flavoured with green tea, red bean paste, chewy rice cakes and almond flakes.

Heehyang started craving for churros so we had this absolutely deliciously fried churro filled with cream cheese (oh it was heaven)

I also managed to meet her boyfriend, Hyun Beom, who treated us to a yummy steak and pasta lunch. As the university semester began for most Korean students, I spent the last day in Korea just chilling at home while Heehyang headed to class. 

I guess, dreams do come to an end, my Korean dream.
After spending a total of 26 hours either in the airport/on the plane, I've touched down in Dublin and am back in the Emerald Isle! I've successfully unpacked my entire luggage but have yet to touch the two big bags I packed away in my room three months ago.

Thankfully Athiei came to pick me up at the airport so I had no need to take the bus and he could help me carry some groceries home to my very barren fridge and larder. Ireland has welcomed me with its chilly weather complete with a large delivery of raindrops resulting in slight sniffles (Thus, I've just been awake in bed for the past few hours).

I'm slowly/quickly adjusting to my life back here and I already miss Korea and my friends terribly. 
Kakaotalk is now my only connecting brige to the lovely people there.
I must say that my holiday in Korea has been the best vacation I've ever had.
I've experienced things I only saw in dramas and I got to do so with the best people surrounding me.
I can't wait to go back.

I've no idea when I will do so, but I hope before I do, some of you fly over to visit me here in Ireland.
I miss you guys so much :(

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