Saturday, 17 October 2015

Of Celebrations, Farewells & Races

So Athiei popped over to Dublin and we got all fancy to celebrate his good friends' wedding. 
We were supposed to take the bus or the train to Howth but thanks to my wonderful miscalculation of time, we were running down the street trying to catch it. By then it was too late so we had to catch a taxi to Howth. It definitely hurt my wallet but we couldn't be late for the wedding.

We got there with ten minutes to spare thankfully!
The ceremony was held at the Howth Presbytarian Church and it was a lovely small ceremony just under a hundred people too and it was lovely just watching the two of them getting united. They've been together for the past seven years so it was just a matter of time :)

We then headed to the Bracken Court Hotel for a delicious buffet dinner with humongous sized plates for everyone.

And an amazing variety of desserts which were oh-so-mouth-watering

Banoffee pie encased in a chocolate shell
Mini pavlovas with strawberries on top
Lemon tart with a caramelised top

As Athiei came up for the wedding, we managed to slot in a date here and there between my classes so I brought him to my favourite Korean restaurant - Hi Lan Korean and Chinese Restaurant which has cheap and delicious lunch deals - bibimbap for 6.90! (left). It also has Japanese sushi (bottom right).

Of course eating out can be slightly pricey if done too often so I made us some pasta with pan-fried salmon (top right).

Before he came up to Dublin, there were several things that happened during my college week which I didn't update you with. First of all, we said farewell to our wonderful Global Room boss, Caitriona.
Sally baked a 'Miss You' cake while we ordered loads of pizza and food to celebrate our last time together as a Global Room team.

We updated our very much needed global room group photograph together with our new temporary bosses, Pedro and Haley (2nd and 3rd from the left). 

Along with work involvements, I've gone to more DUSEAS (South East Asian Society) events this year than I have in the past two years. This is mostly due to me not actually knowing they had events in the past two years as most of them were in the Health Sciences department and I rarely got to meet anyone from Malaysia / Singapore.

So we had an "Amazing Race" around Dublin where our group sprinted around for an hour collecting clues and overcoming obstacles. It was a great workout actually and we also got rewarded with fifty euros for reaching the final destination first!

After the race we got to hang out at Mak's house for deep meaningful conversations which lasted till 2:30 in the morning. It was really cool getting to meet so many people from home and just share and chill with them. It really felt as if we were just in a random house somewhere in Malaysia.

After getting to know some of them better, I even got to celebrate one of their birthdays together!
It was Arthur's 21st the other day and we pigged out at Yamamori Tengu in Dublin 1 and had a delicious cherry cheese cake at Shu Ying's house later that evening.

I'm glad I finally got to update my blog with several updates over the past two weeks.
Many more things are coming up and I've been keeping real busy at college with classes, work in the Global Room and society involvements as well.

Hopefully, I become slightly more disciplined and update regularly!
:) I'm out!

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