Sunday, 4 October 2015

The looooonnng day.

You know those "FML" stories you see on Usually, I read it, laugh and hope that those kind of things would never happen to me. Well, the day arrived!

First, I woke up several times throughout the night which got me into a really grumpy mood cos I take forever to get back to sleep. I had a long day awaiting me and I wasn't looking forward for it to be sleep deprived.

I had a 9am lecture but woke up and realised that my alarm was on silent mode for the past hour (cos Sony updated its system and I didn't realise I had put my alarm on silent). So, I had 30 minutes to get to class, which I miraculously did in a huff and a puff but I had no time to catch my morning shower so I avoided as many people as possible while being even more grumpy.

To top it all off, when I left the house, I realised I didn't bring my jumper so I was freezing my butt off to class. Immediately after class, I had to run to the Global Room for a work shift and I knew I had exactly 1 hour after that to have a lunch break before my next work shift.

Thankfully as Athiei was at home, he brought over shower stuff so I could do so at the college gym. Unfortunately, he arrived 15 minutes later than expected so by the time I finished my shower, we had 30 minutes left to buy lunch, finish it and get to my work place. We power walked to Mama's Revenge to get ourselves some burritos which we scoffed down in 10 minutes right outside my next work venue.

During my work shift, Athiei headed to do the groceries for me which was extremely helpful cos I didn't have to carry anything and I was short on time to get stuff. Unfortunately, the things I asked him to buy were rather weighty which resulted in him being super duper tired from carrying everything home by himself.

However, when he got to my was locked on two different locks and he didn't have the second key cos we usually don't use the other lock. So with my two hour break, I caught a bus home to open the door for him as he was waiting outside for a good 40 minutes. 

Then I realised that two things I had put on the shopping list weren't exactly what I wanted...of course it wasn't a big problem (but y'know by then you're pretty stressed out so it seems worse than it seems).

Then as we were putting away the groceries, I hit a bottle of cinnamon powder down to the ground. The glass bottle cracks and cinnamon goes all over the kitchen. He cleaned it up for me while I stood there seething beneath the surface.

He went to put away more groceries but dropped the bottle of fabric softener on the floor, the plastic cap cracks and boom! softener all over the store room floor. By then, the both of us didn't even react anymore, it was just such a long crummy day. He cleaned it up for me once more.

When the chaos ended, I made a nice cup of coffee for myself and the both of us just sat down and ate stuffed our faces with chocolate before my next class.

We got on the bus in time for my class but a traffic jam decides to swallow the bus whole and we ended up leaving the bus earlier than desired and we sprinted to my lecture hall, being several minutes late.

We got back home and he prepared dinner while I did some work for college. Due to some miscommunication, he thought we had more time than we actually had, so we ended up scoffing our dinner down while I finished my make up in a hurry to get to Ciara's 21st.

Thankfully due to Irish timing, we weren't late at all for the party.

All in all, it was a very humorous day.
Thankfully, we spent it together.
Misery loves company and interestingly, it has made this day one of the most memorable days we've had for awhile.

Thank you for having a calm head while I'm running around like a headless chicken.
:) It was fun.h

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