Friday, 13 November 2015

Limerick: Fourth Foodie Anniversary

Athiei and I hit the fourth year mark and decided we'd spend it cooking and baking together! 
So here's Athiei mixing up the cream cheese, whipped cream mixture for the top of our soon-to-be-ready brownie chocolate chip cheese cake

While I was marinating them pork chops and broccoli in a steak marinade with herbes de provence, fresh garlic and more.

Also made some roasted baby potatoes with olive oil, garlic and herbes de provence.

If you're wondering why we cooked so much, it was also for Athiei's family.

For starters, we had some pan-fried breaded camembert cheese with lingonberry dip 
(courtesy of Lidl. so tasty mmm)

Our main course of pork chops, broccoli and the baked potatoes

Our beautiful brownie based, chocolate chip cheesecake with sliced strawberries on the top.

And to celebrate our anniversary night, we got ourselves a bottle of Prosecco!

The day after our anniversary, we decided we'd head to Adare but Athiei first drove out to the Credit Union to get some money while I was taking a shower. When he got back, he came in hand with a bouquet of roses (my first ever bouquet from him btw) so I was very very very thrilled to say the least :')

So we drove up to Adare and visited Miss Crumpet's Tea Rooms within the Old Creamery.

Athiei got his teapot cup duo of tea

Together with a slice of lemon drizzle cake and whipped cream.

While I had a plain scone with butter, whipped cream and raspberry jam!

We took a walk around the creamery and saw this wall of random signs up for sale.

This sounds about my life alright.
Especially the second and fourth one 

They also sold a variety of homemade fudge of all flavours!
Including Eton Mess, chocolate mint, Irish coffee, christmas pudding, caramel and more!

Since the weather got dreary real fast we decided to head home and just relax.

It's been a good fourth year anniversary.
So glad it fell on my reading week holidays so we were able to celebrate it together for the weekend.
We've had many ups and downs but I'm really happy we've come to this point and I look forward to where we'll be in the next few years :)

Love you.

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