Monday, 9 November 2015

Warsaw: Old Town, The Royal Park and the grouchy cashier.

As reading week has just begun, I'm currently on another adventure! 
This time with my family, back to Poland! It's been a year since I was last in Poland where I went to Kraków, Lublin and Niedrzwica Duża. This time, I'm in Warsaw, to check out the current capital of Poland.

Of course one of the main purposes of returning to Poland is to savour its delicious food.
So here is some sernik also known as cheesecake served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

szarlotka (pronounced sharlotka)
a layered apple cake with chocolate sauce

We ordered some amazing grilled seafood which had different types of fish, squid, prawns with baked potatoes and three different types of dip.

The breakfast today at the Hamptons by Hilton Hotel was great! We had such a lovely spread of food! This included scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans, loads of bread, cold meats, cheeses, fruit, yoghurt, salads and more.

There was even a waffle machine there to make your own gofry!

After stuffing ourselves, we headed to the Old Town (Stare Miasto)

We walked all around in the pouring rain with our umbrellas peering into tourist shops and the like.

St. John's Archcathedral
Bazylika Archikatedralna w Warszawie

I loved the geometry of the ceiling in the larger section of the cathedral.

The inside of the smaller chapel

At the main square of the Old town - Rynek Starego Miasta

The centre piece of the square - The Mermaid Statue

Barbakan Warszawski

A hot beer would sounded really good on a cold wet day...

Pierogi z mięsem

We headed into Pod Barbakanem Bar Mleczny, a local Polish Milk Bar, where we decided to get some food to eat. As I only could speak a little Polish, I tried my best to communicate with the cashier (in purple). I ordered some pierogi z mięsem (meat dumplings), kawa (coffee), herbata (tea) and naleśniki z serem (cheese crepes). So right after I ordered the crepes, I realised that it might be savoury (I wasn't sure) so I asked her if she had any naleśniki z cukier which she shook her head at, so I told her to cancel it (I wanted something sweet). She reacted by GIVING OUT to me. Then she scrunched up the order she had written down and furiously threw it in the bin. She then furiously wrote down the rest of the order and clearly expressed her frustration and dislike of me. 

Later when we needed to go to the bathroom, I handed her (the same cashier) 2zl coins for both my mum and I to use the bathroom. She put in 1zl coin into the door to unlock it but when my mum was done using the bathroom, she closed the door behind her, re-locking it. So when I approached the cashier to re-open the door, she threw a huge fit and both my mum and I scolding us in a string of Polish words on how we should have not have closed the door.

The entire time when I was communicating with her, I was trying my best to use Polish, in a calm, soft voice but she clearly wasn't having any of it that day.

So after that 'wonderful' experience at the bar mleczny, we headed to the Łazienki Królewskie (pronounced Wazienki Krulevski-eh) which is the Royal Park. It had amazing autumn colours all over with little squirrels scampering around the place.

We got to see the Palace on the waters, Pałac na Wyspie which is exactly as it said on the tin. 

It had beautiful streams of water following alongside it.

Interestingly one of them was completely filled with autumn leaves.

We got to look around the palace for free which had beautiful art pieces on both floors.

Pomnik Fryderyka Chopina (Chopin's Monument) 
was also located near the left hand side of the park.

After a whole day of walking, we headed for something to eat and we came to U Szwejka (oo shvey-ka), a Bavarian-themed restaurant. 
Upon seating, we were given some free appetisers of sliced bread with cream cheese and minced meat paste.

Dad got some Tyskie (tuhs-key-eh), a typical local Polish beer

Mum got the grilled salmon with rice and salad

While I got some succulent pork knuckles with sauerkraut and baked potatoes. Aside from the sauerkraut which isn't really my cup of tea, everything else was very delicious.

It's definitely very awesome getting to use some of the Polish I learnt a year ago and comforting that I can still understand the bare basics like numbers, greeting and such. The only thing I wish was that I was able to visit my host families from last year but unfortunately time doesn't permit that :(
More posts to come about Warsaw!

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