Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Feels All Around

Last night, I spent my time with my favourite family in Trinity College, my Global Room mates.

We had the Global Room to ourselves complete with a set table and delicious food. 

Beautiful decorations.

Card games which destroyed the family - "Cards Against Humanity"

But the best part was the Secret Santa gift exchange with the genuinely shocked and amazed faces at the quality of presents and thought that went into the gifts. 

I was extremely impressed with Aonghus' gift for me. Based on the conversations we've had on me baking all the time in the house, he got me a cookie jar with cookie cutters, cupcake cases and chocolates within it. It was genuinely one of the cutest and well thought of gifts I've ever received. Was so touched.

The best part was that almost everyone thought really long and hard on what to get each other based on the conversations we've had at work or just randomly around college, which made all the faces so genuinely happy.

Or lovely "Aww" faces,

Or shocked faces, as Charlie got Luiza Brazilian chocolate from home!

Or just "This is absolutely gas" faces.

Or " didn't..." faces.

Or "What the hell is this?!" faces

Or the shared experiences with our Global Room Santa, Charlie. It was one of the best nights I've had in awhile, with just genuine happiness all around the room. It was really really great fun to celebrate the day with such meaningful people.

Last night on the other hand was spent with the Psychology buddies as we had our own Christmas party as well!

Managed to get two free tickets to it since I was asked to take photographs for the night so it was an absolute steal!

Also the day before that, I performed at Christchurch Cathedral together with the Trinity Singers! Finally my crazy three weeks of choir-filled activity with Trinity College Singers has come to an end with all three of our concerts organised and done with! Here are some of the songs we performed of Tuesday night!

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